Sun Li’s family made a snowman. Huang Lei and his son made a snowman

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On February 14, Sun li posted a video of Huang Lei making snowmen and having snowball fights with his daughter Duo Mei and young son on her social media platform, revealing the 4-year-old’s face for the first time.At the beginning of the picture, the main family members of this parent-child activity are introduced, which are children (Duo Mei), little friends (little son) and big friends (Huang Lei). It is a little pity that sister Duo Duo is not in the picture, otherwise it would be a perfect family of five activities.Wearing a yellow knit hat, a white down jacket and pink pants, she looks sweet and lovely, and she never lets people down.I took an active part in this snowman making activity. It looked very hard when shoveling snow. After making a snowman, I made a wish with my friends.Many younger sister also cooperate with his brother to make a snowman, sister and brother with warm and full.Although the two sisters in front of the cooperation is very good, but to the back of the snowman to do decoration, brother or escape by sister “fool” fate, can only obediently listen to the sister.The younger brother helped the elder sister to make a snowman and began to help father Huang Lei, pidianpidianpidian to father holding a lot of snow to transport in the past, very a “small porter”, even fall is not afraid.Huang Lei is in charge of making a snowman. The father and son cooperate well.In the process of making a snowman, Huang Lei also played a snowball fight with his son, “old father” Huang Lei accompanied the child to play more happy than the child, even in the snowball fight also “pit” from his son, a big snowball thrown to his son, but finally to his son to win, father and son interaction is super happy.My brother beat my father in the snowball fight, and I was so happy to see the big smile on his face.This is the first time sun li has revealed the face of her four-year-old son.Sun li used to post her son’s back or side face, but this time she posted her son’s full face. It’s really rare for her brother to finally meet everyone.I saw the younger brother looked like the second sister when she was young, especially when laughing, with a pair of curved eyes.The point is that they both look like their father, while the younger brother is a mini Version of Huang Lei. I believe he will grow up to be as handsome as huang Lei was when he was young.Although the eldest daughter duo Duo did not appear in the photo, she also posted a photo of herself in the snow on her social media platform yesterday, showing her wearing big earrings and red lips.Having just celebrated her 16th birthday, she seems to have matured a lot and feels more like her mother, Sun Li.