300 pieces of jade stone, the same visual shock!Teach you to identify jade stone!

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No matter it is a good memory, or a sad memory, the reason why we meet each other is always for a reason, but these things have passed, there is no reason to sigh.At this time we should learn some knowledge from these experiences, so as not to waste this encounter.For the memory is so, in fact, jade stone is also so, good jade stone and bad jade stone, will bring you different feelings.Hopefully you’ll learn something from this rock, whether it’s good or bad.Next let’s see a jade stone, do not know such a jade stone can give us what kind of shock and surprise?It was bought by a young man at a street stall for 300 dollars. He had no hopes, but luck fell into his lap.Now let’s cut open this rough stone and you’ll see how lucky this boy is.What subject should be engraved on such material?After discussion, the master has to get ready to start, although this material looks more ordinary, but the finished product must be not ordinary.This is a piece of yellow and green jade, especially unique, the yellow looks particularly noble, it represents wealth, and this green is a more symbolic of vitality and nature of the color, when the two colors together, will burst out a unique charm belonging to them.It is because its color is like this, so its transparency is low, it looks full and mellow, let a person see there is a feeling of rich harvest, in the front choose to design a lotus, then how to design the back?Is the design particularly beautiful?In fact, the color of jadeite as long as more is also very good-looking, whether it is black introversion, or purple dream and green noble and so on.They are endowed by nature. They look gorgeous and restrained. Who wouldn’t be moved if they saw them?So in the face of such raw stone, how to distinguish its good or bad?Let me teach you a few points: the first point, if the original stone is relatively large, generally wipe a small window, this place can see the green, but the cut surface is relatively small, if a lot of green why not cut some bigger?Be careful with such material.Secondly, some of the raw stone has broken or cut in it, and the green looks very nice under the light, but it has not been polished.Such material is likely to have too many cracks, the kind of water is not good enough, or there will be some problems in color, so it will not choose polishing.The third point, in fact, before the entry of jade stone, many shippers will polish on them to find out the green place, may choose to use the same leather yarn and glue to camouflage green, if a piece of material on this trace is more, then still do not buy.