After being released on bail, Greenwood returned to the mansion to protect himself with a guard dog and surveillance camera

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Manchester United’s Greenwood, 20, made his united debut in 2019.He has scored 35 goals in 129 appearances and is regarded as one of the brightest young talents in Europe.However, the player did not cherish the bright future, and recently did something to destroy his future.Greenwood is being held on suspicion of rape, sexual assault, threats to kill and assault.The Manchester United player was released on bail three days later, pending further inquiries.Greenwood, who was released on bail, has returned to his mansion.The youngster has been suspended indefinitely by Manchester United.In the meantime, Greenwood is using a £25,000 guard dog to keep him safe.At greenwood’s mansion, a large German guard dog patrols the front, back and interior.A dog kennel sits on one side of the Manchester United player’s large red-brick home.In addition, Greenwood has installed new cameras around the house to monitor the situation around the house 24/7.Foreign media reported that the mansion was rented by Greenwood for 14,000 pounds a month.The role of guard dog is usually a German or Belgian shepherd or dobermans and costs between £10,000 and £25,000.Normally these guard dogs are docile, but when intruders get in, they can become very aggressive.Greenwood’s Manchester United team-mates Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford and Frank Lingard are all said to have the dogs.