Fujian Public Security: there are “police” in the scene!Escort the magnificent mountains and rivers of Fujian province

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Year of the Tiger Spring Festival when you happily open the net red attractions will always see that a touch of “Tibetan blue” figure they are guarding the peace and harmony of the masses let us follow the pace of struggle of fujian public security together feel the magnificent mountains and rivers of fujianGulangyu follow in the footsteps of the xiamen public security feeling gulangyu island scene scene in “p” they use a shining warmth allure for every 2 HuiAn satisfied smiling face Chongwu ancient city follow in the footsteps of HuiAn public security feeling which have a “p” in the long history of the ancient city of scene they incarnate “mobile map navigation” attentively to and from the masses and tourists the navigation, resolve problems 3 longyanFengliu feel fengliu green water following the footsteps of longyan public security in the green mountain “p” they shuttle in the surging crowds became a unique scenery line in the other 4 fuding Taimu mountain follow in the footsteps of fuding public security feeling taimu mountain stone Lin Lijing “p” in their safety inspection, patrol guard and the rest 5 pingtanStone brand ocean follow the footsteps of Pingtan public security to feel the unique charm of the island scenery in the scene of “police” they put the people in the heart to highlight the people’s police elegant style Of Fujian landscape blue love fight dare to win the Fujian public security guard lights for fresh Fujian add color add color have ME in your heart