Jose mourinho’s latest move: Roma torn down and rebuilt, players will be eliminated

2022-07-06 0 By

Attention I, take you to learn more about international football this season in the winter transfer window information, jose mourinho had hoped to put the card back to Rome, but it seems the Arsenal are reluctant to put people, mourinho also can forget about it, now the roma “life and death power” to mourinho, he will be back to comb the team lineup,Those who do not play hard and fool around will be dropped from the Roma squad.In the winter transfer window to fill into the two new signings, with their joining, jose mourinho in the squad has more choices, laze around those players will be completely in limbo, mourinho until the end of the season, have the right offer, mourinho will not hesitate to sell them, wait until next summer, jose mourinho will completely knocked down the squad now,He would reinvent a new Rome with his own ideas.At present, roma have a number of players have reached the renewal period, and Jose mourinho has stopped all of these players, he has to review these players, mourinho is very impressed with roma vice captain Mancini, their priority is to keep him in the roma team, although he is not the best,But what mourinho is most concerned about is his drive and professionalism on the pitch, and his presence in Rome will have a mental impact on the young players in the roma squad.Mancini, however, wants roma to increase his salary, which is expected to reach 3 million euros, due to mourinho’s relationship with roma to meet his demand.Zaniolo is also out of contract. He is still in the market for him, so his agent is confident that he can increase his client’s salary and become a key player at Roma, who are prepared to pay him 3 million euros a year.But his demands for a central role will depend on what Mourinho thinks.Weller figure of renewal has been stopped, mourinho he became players in this season, but his performances on the pitch to mourinho disappointed again and again, now the Roman have introduced oliveira, mourinho’s array is no longer in his place, he will be sold by roma at the end of the season.Cristante is a bit of a headache for roma, because his strength has been unable to stand in Roma, but he still has a good popularity in the team, in order not to let other players on roma’s estrangement, so the team has been in the “trust” word and his consumption.And mourinho to rebuild Rome, have no one in the whole team is not for sale, and along the players will all be mourinho cleaning, also have no absolute core, so the team squad this season, mourinho’s goal is to take a ticket for next season’s champions league for the Roman, the most important thing is the Rome, and wait until the end of the season,Jose mourinho will redesign the future of Roma, he will be according to his own vision of a new roma out of the plan, the club’s directors are now fully behind jose mourinho’s plans, and the transfer of all roma to mourinho, which shows the importance of mourinho to this club.Do you think roma will finish in the top four under mourinho this season?Will the players who muddle along be purged by Mourinho?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!30 days football Training Camp: Buy column for teaching practical football skills