Only 1 point difference!Manchester City and Liverpool face off against each other

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Manchester City and Liverpool, the champions of the Premier League for the past four seasons, face each other in the 32nd round of the season on Sunday.Blue Moon are currently top with 73 points, with Liverpool in second place with 72.Manchester City and Liverpool won their Champions League knockout match in the early hours of April 6 (Beijing time), and both teams are in good form.The next game is crucial for Manchester City, the premiership champions.Manchester City are first on 73 points with 23 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses, while Liverpool are second on 72 points with 22 wins, 6 draws and 2 losses, only one point behind Manchester City, while Liverpool lead city by seven goals in goal difference.For City to retain their title, it is important not only to keep up the points, but also to continue to work on goal difference in the coming games.Going back to the previous round of chasing, from 70-69 to 73-72, Manchester City and Liverpool put on a good one-point chase.The two sides drew 2-2 in the first leg of the season and city have won two, drawn three and lost one of their last six meetings.City are unbeaten in their last eight games and last lost in the Premier League against Tottenham.Liverpool are unbeaten in their last six games, their last defeat coming in the knockout stages of the Champions League against Inter milan.Both teams are in good form.Chelsea are 13 or 14 points adrift in third place.Manchester City and Liverpool the number of goals and the number of goals conceded from the data and other Premier League teams have a more obvious gap.That’s the main reason why Sunday’s game is called the Battle of Tianking Mountain, and it’s bound to be a championship game.Defend or recapture?Manchester City have once again found their footing in terms of overall victory in the Premier League, winning an incredible 140 out of 182 games.Only dropped points in 42 meetings, while Liverpool’s record was 125 wins, 37 draws and 20 losses.The April games are crucial for Manchester City in their quest to retain the title and Liverpool in their quest to regain it.This season’s game is reminiscent of the premier League match of three years ago, also between Manchester City and Liverpool, with only one point separating the two sides so far no one can predict who will win the title.Currently, the lineup has not been announced.Manchester city in the team composition have been looking for more powerful centre-forward in the transfer market players, and already gave harland 125 million pounds the first offer, to his annual salary is about 28 million euros, if Manchester city will eventually complete the transfer of the epic, they will have a better squad, then take the quadruple and more advantage.Liverpool trailed by as many as 14 points and rode a 10-game winning run to keep the title alive.Manchester City and Liverpool take the title race to a new level.Founded in 1880, Manchester City is the third highest ranked club in the world, with seven Premier League titles, six FA cups and eight League Cups on their way to winning the Champions League and Club World Cup.Looking back at The history of Manchester City, it is not hard to find that the strong financial support for them to build a new dynasty of football has provided a strong support.At the same time, its very modern club management system, forward-looking development thinking is the necessary foundation for its rapid growth.This point, in its choice of partners can also be peeped.In February 2022, Manchester City announced that they had struck a partnership with SONY to build the world’s first metasurverse Stadium.The Etihad Stadium will be at the main VR centre being transformed into the club.City say the virtual Etihad Stadium will allow supporters who may not be able to travel to Manchester to watch live matches from the comfort of their homes, no matter where in the world they are.In March 2022, Manchester City announced that OKX, the world’s leading crypto ecosystem builder, became its sole crypto platform sponsor.OKX is the world’s second-largest derivatives exchange by volume, with more than $20 trillion traded in the past 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.Today it has features and services covering centralized digital asset transactions, decentralized aggregation experiences, and public links.It is not hard to imagine that the addition of OKX will not only bring huge financial support to Manchester City, but also bring a brand new watching experience to fans in terms of encryption technology, VR, metasverse and other aspects.For the crypto community, fan Token and NFT will also become a powerful tool for OKX to help City build an unbounded bridge of interaction with fans.