Pudong New Area will resolve labor disputes in the building

2022-07-06 0 By

After more than two months of trial operation, the “Lujiazui Work Station of Pudong New Area Labor and Personnel Dispute Joint Mediation Center labor union Sub-center”, which was established by pudong New Area Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and The New Area Federation of Trade unions, was officially unveiled in Shanghai Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone staff Service station on February 11th.Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone is a state-level development zone approved by The State Council. There are 285 commercial buildings in the zone, which are home to 44,000 enterprises and 500,000 employees.It is characterized by large commercial buildings, high concentration of financial institutions and a large amount of financial talents.Due to the characteristics of strong professional financial institutions and highly educated financial employees, labor relations in Lujiazui have become diversified and increasingly complex. Labor disputes have been at a high level in recent years, with more than 2,000 cases per year, accounting for nearly 1/10 of the district.According to introducing, mediation workstation based on characteristics of lujiazui area, integrate the power of the existing mediation organizations at the grass-roots level in key building relying on the “floor” organization structure, set up the labor dispute mediation room, the conditions in the industry to set up the labor dispute mediation, construction of regional labor dispute mediation work closed loop, form a grid pattern of vertical settlement.This workstation takes the mediation of labor dispute cases as the breakthrough point, further expands the service list of “building affairs association”, and further strengthens the harmony and stability of regional labor relations by strengthening the “station”, improving the “room” and strengthening the “point”.It is reported that since the trial operation in December 2021, the workstation has accepted the mediation entrusted by the joint investigation commission, of which 52 cases were mediated on the scene by labor and capital, and 33 cases were successfully mediated, with a success rate of 63%.Officially unveiled the new city federation of trade unions, according to the workstation will give full play to the functions of regional trade union organization advantages and, maximum limit will be that of labor and personnel disputes resolve in the building, make the worker feel labor rights protection period is short, procedures simple, low cost, high efficiency, make enterprise feel precision guidance and effective early warning, efficient disposal,Improve the sense of gain and satisfaction of both parties in resolving disputes.At the same time, the station also will continue to accumulate experience, and spillover effects play a site, to explore the regularity and universality problems in the labor dispute mediation, take the initiative to visit companies to carry out the law lectures, subject to preach, enterprise legal medical intervention and guidance in a timely manner, to assist enterprises in the internal prevention early warning mechanism construction,To guide enterprises more precisely on matters related to workers’ rights and interests such as labor remuneration, working hours and safety protection, carry out collective consultation, and avoid the impact of procedural violations on enterprise labor and personnel.Further promote platform enterprises, affiliated enterprises and employees to carry out consultations on labor remuneration, payment cycle, rest and vacation, occupational safety and other matters, and conduct in-depth exploration and research on the protection of labor rights and interests of employees in new forms of business, to ensure that the construction of regional labor relations continues to take the lead.