Real case reenactment, this is 100% fraud

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What is brushing fraud?Brush single fraud some of what routine?What is grinding +APP tasks to make money?In order to let you clearly understand this type of fraud, yongchuan public security combined with a real case, invited rong media center to jointly film the production of anti-fraud short video, in the form of scene representation to expose the criminal modus operand and tricks.Recently in the case of telecom network fraud, the city anti-fraud center found that: brush rebate fraud is relatively high.In the incidence of cases accounted for 43.60%, victims: female accounted for 73.78%.Remind everyone: brush 100% is fraud, but many brush fraud will not appear brush two words.Recently, a generation in the case of no online shopping, but received “XX express” friend application.Three days later, dai was pulled into a group by the “Courier”, which is releasing the task of “paying attention to the shop brushing to make money”.Generation feel this is a way to make money, can not stand the group members bask in commission, heckling temptation, they did a few single tasks, also received the corresponding commission.Gradually, the tasks in the group changed from brushing to paying on behalf of the group, and the amount to be paid on behalf of the group also became higher and higher. The dubious Dai tried again, or immediately received the commission.So far, generation of a group of brush single money way to believe.The group owner then told Dai that he wanted to continue making money and that he could download an APP called “BNN” to do tasks for a higher commission.Dai followed the guidance of the group leader, downloaded and joined the chat group in the APP to complete the recharge task (actually transferring money to the specified bank card).Generation in accordance with the requirements of the website customer service, successive transfer of several times, but the other party to generation operation violations, need to recharge more to withdraw and other reasons, let generation in the premise of no commission, continue to transfer money.In the end, the generation of the family reminded only to find cheated, then the police, a total of more than 370,000 yuan was cheated.The m.O. ‘s first step, post the mission, attract the victim.Fraudsters attract target victims in a “simple and quick way to make money” by Posting part-time jobs or clicking “like” ads on recruitment websites and social platforms such as Douyin, or adding victims’ wechat friends in the names of express delivery and epidemic prevention and control workers, and then drawing victims into groups.Step two: a small rebate to gain trust.Once someone takes the initiative to contact them, the fraudsters will direct the victims to do small rebate tasks such as “like” or “follow” on social platforms.The third step is to increase investment and commit fraud.Scammers will get their victims to complete what is essentially a transfer to a designated account under the pretext of getting more money back for larger tasks.After that, it will do a few orders to withdraw cash, the task is flawed, credibility is insufficient, need capital verification and other reasons, continue to let the victim transfer money, until found to be cheated.Don’t fall for the “you can make money without leaving home” stunt!No pie in the sky!02 Keep in mind the principle of “three not one more” : do not click on unknown links, do not trust strange calls, do not leak personal information, transfer and remittance verification!