South Korean blogger revealed that she did not participate in the whole event because of money?

2022-07-06 0 By

YouTube blogger Lee Jin-ho mentioned the reason why Sohn, a former member of the girl group APINK, did not participate in the whole event.Lee jin-ho posted a video titled, The Real Reason of the APINK 5, which sohn Na-Eun betrayed, on his YouTube channel on Monday.Li Zhenhao said in fact interview, APINK did not master Sun Na-en exactly because of what schedule and did not participate in the complete event, only the parties sun Na-en can show the most correct position on this event, but she did not open her mouth.Sohn and APINK members scheduled their return in February, and sohn participated in music videos and audio recordings with them in December last year.The recording was made in April last year, but there was disagreement over the date of return.One side thinks it is certain, the other side thinks it is not certain.Finally because of this problem, Sun Na eun can not be together.In fact, during the process of deciding when APINK would return, there were many internal opinions. The problem was that releasing the album during the Winter Olympics would affect the debate.But to YG entertainment sun Na eun can do together schedule is very limited, finally in order to take better care of Sun Na Eun decided to return in February.The reason for Her participation in the filming and recording of the music video is seen as her will to complete the whole project, but some industry insiders have a different explanation, saying it is related to money.In other words, if a person shoots a music video together, he or she will have a stake in the album even if he or she does not participate in the album event.In the end, he said that only Son knows whether his action is for the sake of the team or for the sake of money, and he tried to contact APINK members to listen to their position.However, as this is a sensitive issue, it is not possible to hear an answer on this issue.Another industry source said that the return was a meaningful event, and that members cried a lot, and that everyone was sincere about Apink.It had been thought that Park’s return was delayed to February and Sohn failed to adjust his schedule, but Lee jin-ho’s revelation gave a different answer.Korean netizens have exposed are not friendly, have a message “they very not easy to return, these will only bring their problems”, “they don’t always take their good points”, “no matter what has been returned, I think the best to support them, so that they can undertake activities comfortably, this is a should have more support instead of controversial era,I believe the controversy will interfere with the activity.Complain to youtubers and hope they stop talking about APINK.Business cooperation please send a private letter to the background: “Business cooperation”