Sun Zhuo and his family make snowmen and have snowball fights. Sun Haiyang falls on the snow. Sun Zhuo takes off his mask and looks very handsome

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Sun Zhuo, this has been a lot of attention since the dating, there are always some people say that Sun Haiyang seems to have some high-profile, now that the child has been found, should return to a quiet life.But sun Haiyang’s child was found, there are so many parents still looking for children, sun Haiyang is the bellwether of the family looking for children at the beginning, nature is not at ease with the parents of these families looking for children.With the high frequency of media reports, will also play a deterrent role to buyers and traffickers, after all, it is likely to be like the end of Sun Zhuo buyers, and eventually both people and money.When Sun Zhuo finds after, Sun Haiyang is also opened sa Huan mode.This year, Sun Haiyang took his wife and children back to his hometown in Hubei Province, just to catch up with the snow in Hubei province, a family made snowmen snowball fights, the picture is super happy.In the picture, when the snowman made a good pile, Sun Haiyang and his son have also experienced the fall on the snow, can be said to be much more happy!Sun Used to wear a mask every time he appeared, but now he doesn’t wear one. After all, the whole country already knows what Zhuo zhuo looks like.When I saw sun Zhuo without a mask, I still felt that Sun Zhuo was super handsome. In other words, sun Zhuo’s actions were all engraved with sun Haiyang’s appearance.Especially a family smile is the mouth tilt, this is really a major feature.At present, Sun Zhuo has returned to his original family. He is loved by his parents and his elder sisters, as well as cared by many wild brothers and sisters. I believe that Sun Zhuo can quickly adapt to the environment of his original family.Sun Haiyang once said that sun Zhuo was very naughty when he was a child, but now he seems to be more disciplined. He doesn’t like children to be so disciplined.However, Sun Zhuo has been back for some time. Seeing the changes in Sun Zhuo, we can know that sun Zhuo is still a little fake before. Now Sun Zhuo has become very lively, and it seems that he is gradually adapting to his original family.After Sun Zhuo came back, we could see the smiles on the faces of Sun Haiyang and his wife.If Sun Zhuo had been living with his biological parents, he would have been much better than he is now.At the beginning, Sun Zhuo was abducted to Yanggu, Shandong province, the life in Yanggu is relatively bitter, doomed to be compared with Shenzhen.Look at Sun Haiyang’s youngest son Sun Hui grew up in Shenzhen, is a lot of interests.However, when Sun Zhuo was in Yanggu, he only read books and played games. How could the fake parents be willing to cultivate Zhuo Zhuo’s interests?Thanks to Sun Zhuo this is found, the future is happy and sweet!