Thailand I-EA-T to upgrade Udon Thani Industrial Zone into Asia’s logistics hub

2022-07-06 0 By

Udon Thani Industrial Zone in Thailand is established under the concept of green industrial zone. It is the first green industrial zone in northeast Thailand with coordinated development of economy, society and environment, legal compliance and advanced technology.In addition, the zone has hubs connecting domestic and overseas transportation, such as the double-track railway and the Bangkok-Nong Khai High-speed railway, which can support the transportation of goods between Thailand and southern China to The Port of Lim Chabang and the Eastern Economic Corridor Nong Special Zone.Recognizing this advantage, the Industrial Areas Authority of Thailand (I-EA-T) has accelerated the development of udon Thani Industrial Zone in Thailand to upgrade it into a regional logistics hub, serving as a receiving/distribution center for goods from northeast Thailand to Asia and China.By combining modern technology with environmental protection, the goal of promoting the industrial zone as the first green industrial zone in northeast Thailand is achieved.At present, Udon Thani, an industrial park in Thailand, is applying for the establishment of i-EA-T Bonded Processing Zone of the Industrial Zone Authority of Thailand, and applying for privileges for investment operators entering the investment zone.Accelerating the development of udon thani industrial zone in Thailand #IEAT# the industrial parks authority of Thailand (IEAT) lead in advancing the overall sustainable development of industrial parks #IEAT#INDUSTRIALCENTER# SMARTLIVING