The king tiger of Siberian tigers, who came across a 180kg female brown bear, fell 30 meters off a cliff during the fight

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Despite its bleak winters and sweltering summers, the sikhot Alim mountains bordering northeastern China are home to generations of wildlife.Eastern foothills rugged terrain, mountains and rivers crisscrosses, the boundless primeval forest active wild boar, red deer, red deer, sika deer and roe deer and other grazing animals, leopard, gray Wolf, lynx, black bear and brown bear from time to time in the forest flash.Of course, it is the Amur tiger that attracts the most interest in this 1,200-kilometer mountain range.Dalle, the king of the Siberian tigers, lives here and often travels through the Sikhot Alim mountains in search of food.Dahler’s 206-kilogram weight is not what earned him the nickname “King Tiger”. In less than three years, dahler has killed four female brown bears — three adult females and a two-year-old sub-adult — and at least three black bears, one male.Although it has been wounded in the battle, but set such a brilliant record, in the Siberian tiger, if “Dalle” is the second, no Siberian tiger dare to claim the first.01 The Tiger king of the Northeast tiger, the head is big and round, weighing up to 206 kilograms, a “king of the forest” the overbearing tiger king “Dahle” what kind of tiger is it?As a Siberian tiger (amur tiger in Russia, Siberian tiger in Chinese), Dahle looks like the King of the forest.The head is large and round, and there are several black horizontal lines on the forehead, which are often crossed in the middle, very similar to the word “King”. He wears a brown and yellow fur, and his back and side are covered with a number of horizontal black narrow stripes, two of which are in the shape of willow leaves.According to an official document of the Amur Tiger Project, Dalle weighed 206kg at its heaviest and just over 170kg at its lightest, with an average weight of 193kg.The average male amur tiger weighs 175 kg when it is 3-4.5 years old.The maximum weight is about 200 kg at the age of 5-8.About 185 kg when over 8 years old.It can be seen that in Khabarovsk Krai and Primorsky Krai, “Daleh” can be said to be the largest Siberian tiger.02 Eat a lot, eat a lot, kill one game in five days, eat up to 10 kilograms a day, Dahler has always eaten a lot.In summer, it eats an average of seven kilograms of meat a day and kills an average of one deer a week.During the harsh winter months, Dahler eats even more, killing an average of one prey in five days and eating up to 10kg a day.So, it likes to eat large herbivores.In “Dalle”, the recipe, red deer, wild boar, roe deer, moose and other ungulate animals have entered the top ten list, especially wild boar, occupy more than 20% of “dalle” food, but it loves to eat red deer.Black and brown bears are not on Dahler’s first list of prey, but if they do, he would like a change of tack.Due to poor resources, even the “king” of the Sikhot Alim mountains has to constantly expand its territory, sometimes reaching 800-1000 square kilometers.In order to find food, Daler has to trek through mountains and valleys in an all-out search for prey.In the habitat where the Amur tigers live with brown bears and black bears, the black bear has the worst life. On the one hand, it has to face the predation pressure from the Amur tigers. On the other hand, it also has to resist the predation pressure from the brown bears.Fortunately, black bears can climb trees and lean on tall trees to avoid danger.But the devil climbs ten feet higher than the priest.When an adult male black bear tried to escape by climbing up a birch tree, Dahler, tired of waiting under the tree, climbed the tree and dragged the bear down. Instead of eating it immediately, dahler dragged the bear hundreds of meters away and ate it for a week.”Dahle” usually also talk about martial virtue, generally do not use the dark move, but in the wake of the black bear season, the most frequent hunting, especially in autumn.At this time, in order to gain weight, black bears eat acorns and pine cones in the forest, making a lot of noise.Dahler also has his own bear hunting techniques, often killing the mother in surprise attacks as part of dahler’s bear hunting strategy.Dahle is no stranger to surprise attacks, as this is the Siberian tiger’s usual hunting method.It usually ambushed in the rocks or bushes that the female black bear must pass through early in the morning, hid and waited quietly for the black bear to come to the door. Once the black bear entered the hunting range, it immediately pounced on the black bear, grabbed its jaw with its forelimbs, and bit through the neck of the prey with its sharp canine teeth.The Ussuri black bear is the largest subspecies of Asiatic black bear, with an average male weighing 133 kg and female 83 kg.When confronted with an adult male bear, Dahler had a trick of his own, biting the bear and rolling down a slope before the bear could react.In addition to some “pretty” methods, Dahler sometimes comes up with clever ones.Sometimes before they get close to the black bear, the black bear has already sensed danger, hurriedly climb up a tree.At this point, Dahler would pretend to leave, but he didn’t go far. Instead, he ran to a nearby road and lay in wait, waiting for the bear to come stumping down from a tree. Then he pounded the bear and killed it.It can be seen that bear catching is a relatively high technical content of work, not the general tiger can master.05 imitate the cry of female bear, seduce male black bear to die “Dahle” kill black bear, most of the time is accidental encounter, and then secretly close, with the bushes and glades suddenly attack, catch the black bear by surprise, because this hunting success rate is higher, black bear too late to climb the tree to escape;Sometimes he rushed to the tree and dragged the black bear down to kill it.These are mostly random.The most interesting thing is that during the breeding season, Dahler will actively attack black bears. At this time, he will imitate the cry of female black bears and lure male black bears to come to his death.Most of the time, male black bears don’t fall for it.The male black bear is not a vegetarian, but dahle’s chances of winning are high, due to his size and flexibility.Cats are rarely outmanoeuvred by other families in terms of flexibility. Bears, on the other hand, have relatively short, stubby limbs and a bloated body, making them the least flexible for carnivorous animals.Generally speaking, Daler rarely enters the barns to hunt and kill black bears, but when he cannot find food, he will do so as a last resort.One day, Dahle found a cave halfway up the mountain under some trees. The cave was small and shallow, but the ground outlet was very small.This stumped “Dahle”, and reluctant to give up this rare prey.Dahler squatted next to the hole and harassed the mother from both sides several times.The mother black bear was so annoyed that she climbed out of her hole and started to run away.As soon as he got his head out, Dahle grabbed the bear’s neck with his front PAWS and dragged it out of the hole, his teeth biting into the neck vertebrae behind the bear’s head.Although the female bear weighed 110kg, she was no match for Daler and died within 10 minutes after being bitten through her skull.Sadly, a young bear of more than 20 kilograms was also killed by “Dahle”, and the cave was spattered with blood.The average weight of the female brown bear in ussuri is 189 kg, which is similar to that of “Daler”.As a result, Dahler doesn’t usually fight with them, and mostly stays away from them.A hibernating female brown bear crawled out of her den, looking weak and perhaps hungry.Not far away, it found the carcass of a red deer and devoured it, unaware that it was the prey that The tiger “Daler” had hunted the day before.Dahler was really angry with this big guy for nothing!It was impossible to give away the prey he had caught after chasing several kilometers of mountain roads, but the sight of his own weight made Him shy.After confronting his mother for a while, Dahler is ready to retreat.Dahle was probably well aware that he would never do such a thankless thing, even if he killed his opponent himself.However, the female brown bear with her 180kg attack first.A slap in the past, hit the tree, branches are broken several roots.Dahle was furious. I was king Tiger!Turned and rushed past, want to seal the throat, because the female brown bear neck fat is too thick, did not work.The fight was so fierce that the two animals were neck-and-neck and large areas of the forest bush were crushed.At this time, the mother brown bear careless, trample empty, fell more than 30 meters high cliff……This time, Dahle was wounded, too.The average weight of the male brown bear is 264 kg, the largest male bear, weight even reached 320 kg, they with cattle high horse big body, in the forest to play king.Male brown bear a lot of time oneself catch not roe deer and wild boar, had to follow behind the tiger, pick up some leftovers cold sunburn to eat.Sometimes, the male brown bear saw the tiger killed the prey, can not wait to rush up to rob, but many times or steal food.Dahle killed a roe deer and ate only one hind leg, then hurried after a female tiger.When it returned to eat its prey, it found a 250 kg male brown bear, well fed, lying on its prey roe deer sleeping.It was snowing, and Dahle, hungry too, approached the bear for a surprise attack.Only to walk to the distance of 10 meters, the male brown bear found.Too late for a sneak attack, Dahler attacked anyway, circling the bear several times but failing to get close enough to hit the snow with his tail.When he saw Dahle, he was not afraid. He stood up against a tree, raised his PAWS, and waited for the tiger to get close to him. He tried to beat the tiger with a slap…The two animals fought for some time, each more or less wounded, and at last went their separate ways.It wasn’t a matter of life and death between Dahler and the bull.The most amazing thing about the king tiger “Dalle” is not its weight, but its superb ability to hunt bears. So far, dalle is still the best bear hunter among the Siberian tigers.In total, Four females (three adult females and one sub-adult) and three black bears were killed. The largest adult female, weighing 180 kg, was killed by Daler.The bears that Dalle kills are females, who are much smaller in strength, weight and size than males, making them easier to pick up.No animal in nature (especially tigers and leopards) wants to get hurt, and no animal does anything thankless.Most of them are females with cubs.It may be that females with cubs are easier to kill because they have to take risks to protect their cubs.Single females, on the other hand, tend to run away when they meet daler.Dahler killed both male and female bears.In the course of tracking “Dahler”, no serious signs of struggle were found, these black bears, “Dahler” was easily killed.This is because the adult female black bear is 15-25% smaller than the male black bear, and the average adult male black bear weighs only 133 kg, about 50 kg smaller than the adult male tiger. This size difference is the main reason why “Dahle” can kill black bears at any time.10 Siberian tigers rarely attack male brown bears, and may even become their prey. In the known cases of brown bear hunting, daler has never been recorded killing adult male brown bears.Adult amur tigers do have the ability to kill bears, but only females and black bears. As for adult male brown bears, even The tiger king “Daler” rarely gives him any thought.One, look from bodily form, differ greatly.As the largest tiger, the Siberian tiger weighs 180-306 kg in males, 100-167 kg in females, and 206 kg in dalle.The average male brown bear weighs 260 kilograms.Second, in terms of bite strength, it’s about the same.The skull of an adult male brown bear is about 38.7 cm long, with sharp canine teeth and exposed gums ranging from 3 to 6 cm. The bite force is 1849 Newton.The length of the Siberian tiger’s skull ranges from 33.1cm to 38.3cm, and the length of its canine teeth ranges from 7.6cm to 9.1cm, with a bite force of about 2,100 newtons.Third, the male brown bear’s claws are long, curved and blunt, not suitable for climbing, only suitable for digging, but the palm power;The Siberian tiger’s claws are the most specialized of any carnivore, reaching up to 10 centimeters in length and being extremely sharp.Conclusion The killing of bears by the Siberian tigers does not mean that the Siberian tigers have much cattle, but that the prey of the tigers, such as red deer and wild boar, is decreasing, and the survival of the Siberian tigers is under threat.Because Siberian tigers hunt bears primarily to feed themselves, and secondary to removing potential threats.Xueling Valley Nature Laboratory/production reference materials: Nature Communications, New Discoveries, Science Times, Science Bulletin, China Forestry Network