There are four mistakes parents make when they give their babies rice noodles!Don’t make any more mistakes before you hurt the baby

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Guide language: eat rice noodles for the baby, parents often make four mistakes!Don’t make a mistake, so as not to hurt the baby baby long to a certain stage will start to eat complementary food, often look at parenting knowledge or often go to the mother and child shop parents know that the most appropriate complementary food for the baby to eat at the beginning is rice flour, make it into a paste, the baby is good to swallow.However, about the baby to eat rice noodles, not water into a paste so simple, give the baby to eat rice noodles have to pay attention to.There are four mistakes parents make when they give their babies rice noodles, which is very bad for their babies!Don’t make any more mistakes before you hurt the baby!Take a look at what they have.Some parents think boiling water is convenient to use, so every time they add boiling water to their baby’s rice noodles, it is not only easy and fast, if you do the same would be wrong.Because doing so will make the nutrition in the rice noodles lose, so for a long time to eat like this to the baby, just eat a belly full, you know that in the growth of the baby, in addition to full, but also eat nutritious, so as to meet the growth needs of the baby.The right way is to first add warm water, almost sixty degrees or so, uncertain can be measured, and then slowly add rice noodles to the water, stirring in a direction, mixed into a paste, at the beginning of the baby to eat should be dilute, such as slowly adapt to thicken a little.Some parents don’t like the taste of their baby, perhaps because the rice noodles have no taste, so they add extra salt or sugar when making rice noodles. This is very wrong.To know that the baby within a year old is not to eat salt and sugar, should eat original complementary food, if added in advance of these words, will change the baby’s taste, but also harm the baby’s body, eat too early is very bad.In the concept of many people, handmade rice noodles are better than bought ones. They are not afraid of additives and other ingredients. It is indeed true that it is healthier to make them for the baby.On the one hand, hygiene can not be 100% guaranteed, after all, the home is not a dust-free sterile environment, on the other hand, the rice flour made by oneself only contains starch, contains too few nutrients, can not meet the growth needs of the baby.When the baby grows to six months, it is easy to be iron deficient, because breast milk can not meet the needs of the child, so it is necessary to choose rice flour fortified with iron. Homemade rice flour cannot meet this point, and the rice flour outside also contains many other substances, which is beneficial to the growth of the baby.Just buy a big, reliable brand.Error 4: some parents only give the baby to eat rice noodles is extreme, baby rice noodles to eat good, so only give the baby to eat rice noodles, and think all the nutrition rice noodles, don’t eat other food can also, if you do this fast correction, let the baby to eat rice for a long time, not only nutrition can’t keep up with, will hold up the baby’s ability to chew, taste, very bad for the baby.The correct way is to choose rice flour as the first supplementary food, and then add other supplementary food after the baby grows to seven months, from paste to mud, and then into particles, and then to the block.The kinds of complementary food should also be more, so that the baby constantly try new kinds, so as to meet the growth needs of the baby.There is a great deal of attention to rice noodles for babies. Parents should realize this. If it is still too late to correct it, try to correct it and do not make the same mistake again.