Yongtai County NUCLEIC acid detection PCR laboratory: 24 hours with the virus race

2022-07-06 0 By

At 7 p.m. on July 28, at the office on the 13th floor of The Yongtai County General Hospital, the nucleic acid testing PCR lab, which was just finished a quick dinner, rushed back to the lab to continue testing nucleic acid samples.The examiner was busy testing nucleic acid samples.In order to cope with the rapid increase in testing demand, the PCR laboratory in Yongtai County has opened a round-the-clock operation mode, with inspectors working two shifts a day.The inspectors are deminers in the battle against COVID-19, going head to head with the Novel Coronavirus every day.Before entering the laboratory, they must be fully “armed”, N95 masks, protective clothing, goggles, protective masks, double gloves, waterproof boot covers and other supplies must be strictly dressed, not a bit careless.”Every day in the laboratory, inspectors have to repeat multiple steps such as sample verification, sample inactivation, manual sampling, nucleic acid extraction, machine amplification, result analysis, and issuance of results report. The whole process is linked together and can only be operated manually, and an action even needs to be repeated thousands of times.”County general hospital supervisor inspection division Chen Sen said.As long as they enter the laboratory, the inspectors will not drink water, eat or go to the toilet until the inspection is completed.In addition, the protective clothing is airtight and the working time is long. Each round of experiment is a double test of the inspector’s physical strength and willpower.”The hardest part is the extraction process. We wear protective suits for six or seven hours, come out for a meal, rest for half an hour, then go in and out for a second round, and almost get soaked.”Chen Sen said.(Reporter Ye Xintong, correspondent Gao Xu) (Fuzhou Daily) Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of delivering more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn