Smart building, play out of energy.Cool cool XG PLUS Platinum power supply officially released

2022-07-07 0 By

Cool cool Supreme XG PLUS Platinum power supply is officially on sale today. Performance and intelligence can be regarded as the core, aiming to present the power supply performance advantages in the simplest and intuitive way, and bring users a personalized new experience.XG PLUS is coolant’s first power supply with RGB dazzling light effect. It still continues coolant’s unique appearance design style and presents the whole with simple industrial style.By contrast, XG PLUS is unique in that it has ARGB intelligent panel on one side. Through MasterPlus+ software and the monitoring chip inside the power supply, XG PLUS can not only display the fan speed, temperature and power simply and intuitively, so that users can easily monitor the running status of the power supply in real time, but also allow users to customize colors and display modes.Be free to follow your heart, and control everything.It is also worth noting that Cooleng has an RGB fan set on XG PLUS. Through the MasterPlus+ software, users can also customize colors and mode effects. The strong integration of light and shadow aesthetics and modern technology provides more playability and personalized RGB style presentation for users who prefer open chassis.Break inherent thinking, heat dissipation is not just external and the past conventional operation is different, XG platinum series is the first cool cold supreme has a new cooling solution PC power supply.On the basis of the previous cooling technology, the researchers tried to carry out a new design of the internal structure of the power supply, in order to leave more space to increase the air flow area, and ultimately achieve a stronger cooling effect.At the same time, the XG PLUS is equipped with a 135mm ultra-quiet fan, which produces less noise while performing the same tasks, providing users with a more appropriate performance experience environment.In terms of performance, XG PLUS has received the 80PLUS Platinum performance certification, with a conversion efficiency of 92% under typical load conditions. It is equipped with 100% all-Japanese capacitors and complies with Intel ATX 12V 2.53 specifications, providing better performance and security for the computer.Full bridge LLC rectifier plus DC-DC technology, at the same time with a single 12V output design, to ensure a more stable voltage output power supply, and more reliable performance.In terms of wire, XG PLUS adopts full modular interface design to provide efficient flat wire support, which not only reduces the internal disorderly winding of the chassis, but also expands the air flow area and improves the overall efficiency with stronger heat dissipation efficiency.Cooleng Supreme XG PLUS series, with performance, intelligence strong attack, for e-sports players to provide higher efficiency, higher quality, more personalized power supply new choice.The XG PLUS 650W costs 1,299 yuan, the 750W 1,499 yuan, and the 850W 1,699 yuan.Users can purchase it on, Tmall, offline retail stores and other channels, and enjoy a 10-year warranty and a three-year annual renewal service.Everything Cooler Master does is to make building a PC an extraordinary experience, a beautiful accomplishment, a pleasure with personal style, a freedom of complete control, and a passion for making ideas happen.Cooler Master believes that the PC’s versatility and versatility will never go away.We have a vision: to redefine the personal PC process from design, production, purchase to final use.This vision comes from the core of our company, from the legacy of the original cooling technology, and continues with our commitment to pioneering modular technologies of the future.Cooler Master is also committed to the internal design, testing and development of the product, enabling us to have more innovative processes and quality.