Tweet: “Yu Yuanyuan’s Burning novel”

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Before she was seven years old, Yu Youhan was a very happy child. Her father and mother were very kind to her. However, her family was in decline.It was in this year that Yu Youhan became an orphan, and it was also in this year that she began to trade with the system.Thanks to the system, Yu Youhan earned a lot of money, so she could live a good life without help from her parents.In college, she met a three-star target, a rare high-level target.However, MORE than cold or got the original burning heart, after breaking up, the system found a five-star target.Clip: As usual, Yuan Ran to the locker room to take a shower before changing.After the shower, he casually took a towel to wipe his hair, while walking out.At the same time yu By the cold consciousness of the sea sounded an electronic sound.”Ding, the reward task is completed, to achieve three months of love task, the successful target character original combustion, character quality attributes of three stars, a total of 50 million reward.”Yu Youhan showed the only smile from the heart these days.When I looked up, I happened to see Yuan Burn wiping her hair from the long corridor of the dressing room.Ps: The name of the protagonist of the card novel is different from that of the protagonist of this article, but the content is the same. Other books list: four campus romance novels with the female protagonist being honest and ordinary: “He Is young when He Laughs” and other four novels with the male protagonist being miserable and the female protagonist being healed through time: “The History of imperial Concubine’s Struggle” and so on