During the seven-day holiday, more than 1,400 sanitation workers are on duty to ensure a better Laoshan district

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During the seven days of the Spring Festival, when many citizens are having a family reunion and playing for leisure, some people are still working hard.During the Spring Festival, the Urban Administration Bureau of Laoshan District launched a series of “I am on duty during the Spring Festival, Laoshan Is Better” activities to ensure the bottom of the city, and made every effort to do a good job in urban management, such as city appearance environment, gas heating and atmosphere creation. More than 1,400 sanitation workers stuck to their jobs.The Spring Festival is a day for family reunion and family gathering, but for urban management personnel, it is a day of busier work and greater responsibility.Laoshan district city administration organization of digital urban management gathering in view of the city environmental health during the festival characteristic concentration to carry out special collection activities, in-depth back streets, old LouYuan and around the farmer’s market is more regional, to focus on environmental health, safety and other issues patrol, found the problem the first time administrative responsibility unit for disposal, ensure that problems can be timely and effective treatment.In just seven days, a total of 130,000 tourists were received in Wheat Island and the city living room. In order to create a clean, orderly, safe and civilized city environment for citizens and tourists, the coastal first-line special squad of Laoshan District Urban Management Bureau was on duty to strengthen the first-line inspection.Every day, more than 100 cleaning workers are arranged to ensure environmental health, and the working methods of dividing and grouping, fixing posts, fixing staff, fixing responsibilities and keeping the coastal line clean and tidy are adopted.During the Spring Festival, more than 1,400 sanitation workers stick to their jobs and, in accordance with the requirements of working hours and working standards, focus on strengthening sanitation efforts in parks, squares, qianhai, around the bathing beaches, around the Polar Ocean World, Lida and jinshi Jinding business district.”During the Spring Festival, we focus on cleaning up, renovating and maintaining the city order, environmental sanitation, landscaping, municipal roads and facilities to ensure that the relevant roads and regions are clean and orderly and beautiful,” laoshan District Urban Management Bureau said.During the festival, the front-line personnel of the heating and gas industry in Laoshan district give up their homes and care for everyone, work overtime and contribute silently to ensure the safe and stable operation of heating and gas, so that the masses spend a warm, peaceful and comfortable Spring Festival.In order to meet the demand for gas and heat during the festival, two pipeline natural gas enterprises and two central heating enterprises in Laoshan District have reserved sufficient natural gas and coal resources.At the same time, in order to ensure the safe operation of gas and heating facilities, relevant enterprises pay close attention to weather changes, formulate load curves, schedule production loads every day, arrange special personnel to check weak spots of pipe network, and eliminate pipe network faults in time.The safety work does not dare to slack off in the least. Earnestly implement the leadership responsibility of industrial safety production, strictly investigate safety risks, focus on strengthening the management of municipal construction sites, gas and other production units,In particular, we will supervise the quality and safety of the Haiyin Interchange project, which is in continuous operation during the Spring Festival, and supervise the safe operation of the 13 on-going enterprises (mainly in the fields of gas, heating, sanitation and sewage treatment).Coastal line order is good to strengthen urban comprehensive sitting room, binhai walkways, wheat area of management, the coastal line facilities safe hidden trouble, focus on the coastal line sidewalks, wooden footway, LED display, children’s entertainment facilities, such as music fountain has potential safety hazard of municipal facilities for repair in time, to ensure the safe and stable operation of facilities.To wheat island security and epidemic prevention and control work, during the Spring Festival in increasing the security forces at the same time, with 5 sets of limit port brake system, every day to enter the wheat island electronic health visitors and citizens to check code and temperature measurement, trash bins, and the children’s recreational facilities, fitness equipment and public toilet facilities within the human body is easy to contact with alcohol and 84 disinfectant for shoppers.Lighting chains atmosphere set out by night scene lighting of buildings as the carrier light show, broadcast on important building “tiggo or dingle winter jasmine, laoshan happiness” as the theme of the animation, the Spring Festival in the 10 LED enterprise bigger play Spring Festival blessing and civilization sacrifice, publicity pictures, 10 important road light pole hang flags in the entire district more than 600, more than 260 Chinese knot,In the living room of the city, new sculptures with the theme of “Good luck in the Year of the Tiger” and “Dragon Teng and Tiger Leaping”, electronic interactive floor and red lantern square lights are added. Landscape lights are hung in the middle isolation belt and street trees on both sides of the southern section of Haier Road, creating a festive atmosphere of joy, peace and safety with traditional Spring Festival culture as the theme elements.Atmosphere laoshan District Urban Management Bureau landscape zhang Qi said:”In order to ensure the safe operation of lighting facilities, we set up a safety inspection and emergency disposal team during the festival, and arrange special personnel to carry out daytime inspection and night inspection of lighting facilities in Laoshan District every day to deal with emergencies, ensure that the facilities can be opened and closed at any time, and can be regulated to ensure the safety and stability of lighting landscape facilities in the area.”