How to change “Yin and Yang of body” into “Yin and Yang of Kung Fu”?

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The Traditional Chinese martial arts pay much attention to Yin and Yang, especially the internal boxing is inseparable from Yin and Yang.In the boxing theory of Taijiquan, Xingyi boxing and bagua palm, Yin and Yang are the core elements that must be discussed.One tai Chi of the universe, one Tai Chi of the human body.In the human body, as large as all the bones, to the skin hair, all are Yin and Yang.Mastering the relationship between Yin and Yang of human body is the basic accomplishment of a Taijiquan practitioner.This article first two talk about the Yin and Yang of body.The lower limbs are Yin and the upper limbs are Yang.The belly is Yin and the back is Yang.The foot is Yin and the hand is Yang.The body is Yin and the body is Yang.The knees are Yin and the elbows are Yang.The ankles are Yin and the wrists are Yang.The crotch is Yin and the shoulder is Yang.The lower leg is Yin and the forearm is Yang.And so on.Subdivide, the right foot is Yin, the left foot is Yang.The right hand is Yin and the left hand is Yang.The right shoulder is Yin and the left shoulder is Yang.The inner limbs are Yin and the outer limbs are Yang.And so on.There are too many. I won’t list them here.It must be noted that the Yin and Yang of the body can only be said, but must be able to use, so as to truly transform the Yin and Yang of the body into the Yin and Yang of kung fu.How does it work?In a word, together.Let me give you an example.The knee is Yin, the fist is Yin.The hand shape corresponding to the knee is a flat fist.This is “together”.See below.If the knee fight, according to the boxing theory, when the hand type is flat boxing, natural inspiration, knee strength is the best.Of course, when the hand type is eight-character palm, you can also hit knee, but the difference is expiratory strength, and knee strength is much less.