Ministry of Public Security: Ensuring ‘zero mistakes’ in Winter Olympics security

2022-07-08 0 By

On the afternoon of January 27th, the Ministry of Public Security held a regular press conference, informing the public security organs to make every effort to create a safe, stable and harmonious political and social environment for the people to celebrate the Spring Festival and successfully hold the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.A high level of security, is the successful hosting of the Olympic Games the premise and the foundation, according to the “simple, safe, wonderful” run competitions requirements, adhere to the “safe, a loss that no” standard, carry forward the “delicate, exquisite, perfection” style of work full of vigour, Benedict is not idle, firm confidence, make persistent efforts, comprehensively promote the games security measures fell fine implementation,Ensure “zero error” and “zero error” in all work.First, we will optimize command and operation, further improve work systems and mechanisms, and strengthen overall coordination of work to ensure smooth and efficient command and operation.Second, we should adhere to overall prevention and control, further strengthen risk prevention, refine plans, carry out training and drills, strengthen epidemic prevention and control, and constantly improve the level of response to the epidemic. We should ensure that risks and hidden dangers that may cause problems can be identified, discovered early, communicated quickly, and handled properly.Third, strengthen venue security, further strengthen the building of venue security teams, improve security operation design, standardize security workflow, and timely improve and optimize work measures based on the summary and evaluation of test events and test activities in accordance with the requirements of venue security and epidemic prevention and control deployment.Fourth, strengthen layer circle filtering, step up the level of inspection and control of the beijing-Hebei corridor, to maximize the control of unsafe factors at the remote end, check and block in the periphery, and resolutely safeguard the security of the corridor.Fifth, to deepen safety and ensure smooth, further promote the investigation and rectification of traffic safety hazards related to the Winter Olympics, overall planning to do a good job of the Winter Olympics traffic and urban traffic, so as to ensure not only safety, but also smooth, and people’s livelihood.Sixth, we will strictly enforce epidemic prevention and control, take epidemic prevention and control as a key link, promote security and epidemic control for the Winter Olympics, strictly implement closed-loop management, and strive to minimize the risk of the epidemic.Seventh, tighten the responsibility, further strengthen the implementation, tighten the responsibility chain, do a good job of responsibility implementation, overall planning and coordination, guarantee and other work, effectively promote the security of the Winter Olympics in an orderly manner, to host a wonderful, extraordinary and excellent Olympic Games to provide a solid security guarantee.