Remembering revolutionary martyrs and carrying forward the national spirit

2022-07-08 0 By

In order to further strengthen the patriotic education of the Party and league members, carry forward the traditional spirit of the nation, and remember the martyrs and sages, on April 2, the Party branch of xincheng District organized all the party members and league members to carry out the online themed Party Day activity of “Remembering the revolutionary martyrs and carrying forward the national spirit”.The Party branch of the hospital in xincheng District proposed civilized and green tomb-sweeping day.Guide everyone to express their feelings in a modern civilized way, focus on the memory of the deceased, consign mourning, recall virtues, adhere to the safe, low-carbon, civilized way of mourning, using home memorial, online mourning, writing messages, on behalf of the memorial and other green ways to remember the deceased, consign mourning.At the same time remind everyone to do a good job of protection, avoid gathering.Then also organized the party, the league members to carry out online memorial activities.Finally, we browsed the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs together, remembered the martyrs on the Internet together, presented flowers, bowed, left a message, expressed the grief and respect for the martyrs and sages.In addition, the party and members watched a red film at home to strengthen national unity and remember the martyrs.In the documentary, the martyrs and heroes put national righteousness in the first place, fearless of life and death, charging into battle, interpreting loyalty with their lives, and reflecting responsibility with their blood.The tomb-sweeping day education activities, effective network education and the revolutionary tradition education organic unifies in together, all the party members, have to think this, that must be doubly treasured revolutions, firm the ideal faith, stick to cast on community awareness of the Chinese nation the main line is not shaken, their contributions to national unity and progress and common prosperity.Zhang Na, Party Branch, Xincheng District Hospital