What is the meaning of this steamed bun made by the General Secretary?

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On the eve of the Spring Festival, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Shanxi.In the village of Fengnanyuan village, Shizhuang Township, Huozhou City, the general secretary personally made a jujube Huannian bun, and a red jujube on denggao Nian bun.What are the meanings of these different shapes of Nian Mo?Huozhou Nianmo has a history of hundreds of years, chewing strong, mellow and long.Traditional year steamed bun has ten kinds: step by step, ruyi jujube flower, financial resources string, healthy rabbit, year after year there are fish, industrious and skilled hand, five blessing dish shou, red red world, perfect round steamed bun, beautiful flower.Different shapes of nian Mo contains different meanings, huozhou people put the best wishes into the nian mo.Shi Hongbing’s granddaughter Shi Jingyue shows a good year steamed bun.Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jinyu division red Army made the steamed bun is called “reunion steamed bun”, meaning reunion, festive.”Holding the two ends of the noodles to bend inward, knead into the shape of a jujube Huannian bun, then put two red jujube, a jujube Huannian bun is formed.””Said Shi Jingyue, the granddaughter of Shi Hongbing.The shape of jujube Huannian bun resembles ruyi, a symbol of good luck.Denggaonian mo high 5 layers, the point of red dates, meaning a bumper harvest, thriving, step by step.Make huozhou nian mo need to prepare work in advance: buy dates, wash dates, steam dates, wash POTS, helmets, steaming tools, dustpan, prepare all kinds of beans, all kinds of tools, split firewood, reserve coal.The night before steamed bun, according to the method taught by ancestors, put the “face introduction” in the helmet with large face.”If you want to do a good job of the nian mo, the dog days of summer will start to make ‘noodles’, repeated steaming under high temperature in summer, so that the full fermentation of grains.In this way, the old yeast can become the best auxiliary material for nian Mo.”Han Aiying, the non-hereditary inheritor of Huozhou handmade dough figurines, said that a “dough lead” the size of a coin can produce 500 to 600 jin of dough.In the 12th month, it needs to be fermented 3 days in advance before making nian mo. After 9 to 10 times of fermentation, the wheat flavor in the flour can be aroused.Han Aiying is now in huozhou city a year steamed buns factory to do technical guidance, every year will bring some disciples, and on the basis of inheriting the traditional process, get rid of the old and bring forth the new, research and development produced more meaning of the steamed buns varieties.Huozhou city is focusing on creating regional brand, covering a series of characteristic snacks such as Huozhou nian mo.With the expansion of market influence, Huozhou Nian mo also gradually from family food to commercialization, industrialization, scale, small steamed bread has become a big industry.Source Xinhua News Agency editor Yang Yu editor on behalf of le Wang Luyao