50W firm offer 65th day, profit of 10000 yuan today

2022-07-10 0 By

Today, the market low open high, Kweichow Moutai, Shanxi Fenjiu, Ningde times, Longji shares and other high valuation weight stocks continue to fall.While the low valuation of the blue chip continued to cash in value, my heavy position shares rose 1.68% today, the full day amplitude of 2.23%, transaction amount of 2.7 billion yuan.From today’s timeshare trend analysis, there is a wave of rapid sharp drop in intraday, but the volume is relatively small, after falling that day can recover the lost ground, and at the close of the stock price close to the day’s peak.So, I judge this is a wash dish, shock the behavior of the warehouse, stock prices have continued to rise space.1, today morning high, then continued to perform the “old script”, the stock price began to fall, but did not volume, so in this position, respectively, financing to buy 2000 shares, after the stock price high, smoothly sold.2. Same as the last one, the stock price fell back to near the average, but the trading volume was not large, so I bought 6000 shares in financing, but I failed to sell in time, and then the stock price continued to fall, and I had the opportunity to sell after the afternoon opening, but the selling position was not high, and the profit was not much.Look from today K line graph, long still occupy active, estimate still can have the opportunity of low absorption tomorrow, want to see accurate opportunity, bold build warehouse, sell every high.