Beyond the narrative of genius, what does she carry with her our imagination of the future?

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In the women’s freestyle ski slopestyle final this morning, Gu Ailing had her second “ice dun Dun” of this Winter Olympics.Gu made a comeback when she faltered on her second jump — she survived the pressure and successfully completed a difficult routine on her third jump to win the silver medal with 86.23 points.She had just won China’s first gold medal in the women’s freestyle big jump.”It was really fun.My biggest goal has always been to enjoy myself.”Compared with the audience’s nervousness, Gu seemed relaxed.When she finished, she mugged for the camera.Reminiscent of yesterday’s qualifying round, she finished the last jump, also directly out of a plastic bag of leek box to eat.Outgoing, confident and sunny, with a wide range of hobbies, she was already a world champion in a number of skiing competitions at the age of 19…Born in 2003, it’s hard not to feel good and curious about this girl with her super-athletic talent and confident smile in front of the camera.Why does Gu receive such attention?When we talk about liking “Frog Princess Ailin”, what exactly do we focus on?For beauty, giving more diverse definitions on February 8, he had just taken his first Olympic gold medal in life GuAiLing at a news conference, said: “I come here not to beat the other players, but want to break your own boundaries, also want to encourage more girls to break his own line, let them feel ‘if she can do, that I can do it”.”As early as when Gu was ten years old, she wanted to influence people around her through her own power.At that time, she was thinking of representing China in the Beijing Winter Olympics.”When I thought about the possibility of being a role model, I thought it was too good an opportunity to pass up.”Gu Ailing, a skiing genius in the competition, has a unique perspective on how to become a better version of herself and what is beautiful.”To be beautiful is to have strength and confidence. To be beautiful is to skip meals, not to run three or five kilometers, not to be in the sun. It is not beautiful, because it is not healthy.”In Gu’s opinion, no matter who you are, everyone has their own beauty. All we need to do is to love ourselves more.She tries to show that the power to judge beauty is always in her hands.In the moment of “white young thin” advocated by the “pure to wind” “A4 waist” morbid beauty, advocated and consumerism in the context of the external things self value, through those we are experiencing anxiety, appearance and figure to look confident sunshine GuAiLing, we may find that definition so it should not be intolerant of beauty.Life “frog princess” writer Eileen Chang said: “A beautiful body, with the body pleasing people;He who has beautiful thoughts delights others with his thoughts;There’s not much difference.”In gu Ailing’s body, apart from the external image of healthy beauty, people also noticed many aspects of her inner beauty.Before today’s final jump, commentators and the audience were nervous for Gu.On the second jump, she fell and sat in the snow for a while before she stood up.There were fears that the mistake would affect her mentality, but Gu was determined to make ice and snow history for herself and China by landing safely on her third jump with a high technical difficulty.While witnessing an excellent athlete challenge herself to succeed, people also get a glimpse of Gu Ailing’s strong psychological quality.Gu was also excited to hug her after seeing other contestants perform a highly technical feat of 1440.To her, that was the way the Olympic movement should be — higher, faster, stronger, and not forgetting everyone who came out on the field to compete against each other.With her own actions, she explained what is the beauty of competitive sports.Gu competed in her first professional game in 2016 at the age of 13, but failed miserably in a slip.Frustrated that she fell sick and cried in the night, but still did not give up after the game, before playing, she confidently said to the camera: “ANYWAY, I can still stand up, can still walk, so I go there to see that bai, and then win by the way.”She never seemed to care about the comments of outsiders. When she was a child, she once walked alone on nanjing Road in Shanghai, which was crowded with people. At the age of 18, when questioned by netizens, she easily said, “If someone doesn’t believe me or like me, it’s their loss and they can’t become an Olympic champion.”Confident and independent, Gu always seems to know what she wants and cares about.This is the wonderful chemical reaction of Chinese and Western culture on Gu Ailing.She combines the modesty and tolerance of the East with the relatively external expression of the West.And maybe that’s why we love this dynamic young woman, who is creating her own moments of sporting glory and providing a new answer to the question of what beauty is.Let the future, produce infinite possibilities, Gu Ailing’s genius attributes, far beyond the ski field.By her own account, skiing takes up only one-sixth of her life.In the Information system of the Winter Olympics, Gu identified herself as an athlete, a model and a student.Her achievements as an athlete are there for all to see.As a model, she was signed by IMG, which is known as the “home of top supermodels”.By 15, she had been invited to Paris Fashion Week;Since then, she has become a regular at fashion events.In the past year, IMG has signed more than two dozen brand projects for Gu, a sign of her business influence.But back on campus, she was a veritable straight-a student: she finished high school a year early and got into Stanford university with 20 perfect points below her.People commented on her: “God didn’t close any Windows for Gu.”If you type in her name on a search platform, you will find that gu is good at piano, ballet, archery and public speaking.She seems always curious about the unknown world.When she was 15, she told the camera: “I’ve been living four lives at once, adding up all of them, and I’ve lived a secret 60 years.”Her face lit up with joy as she spoke.”Slash youth” type of life and learning, but also made her learn to deal with a limited time, the synchronization of multiple affairs.”How to strike a balance?””What are the secrets of success?”Gu has been asked this question on many occasions, and she has given her answer frankly — “focus”.’Whatever you do, stay focused and focus on one thing: doing well in school, resting well at home, training well on the ski slopes,’ she says.Gu has thanked people many times for calling her a “genius girl.”But she always said that talent accounted for only 0.1 percent of success. The rest was hard work.GuAiLing in training “I admit that I fell in love with fear”, she wrote: “although engaged in extreme sports athletes can easily be labeled” fearless “or” capricious “, but neither I spend countless hours of for design skills, or in the bubble pit and airbag spent countless hours, can show that this is not the case.”And these are the parts that ordinary people don’t see.She also suffered numerous injuries and setbacks before reaching the top of the podium.He broke his collarbone at the age of 12, shattered his right hand at the World Championships a year ago, and suffered temporary memory loss when he fell on his head during practice.She recounts these experiences with equanimity.For her, skiing is a passion, and the journey to that passion is bound to involve these difficulties.Gu breaks down “fear” into three different feelings: excitement, uncertainty and stress.She spent every training and every competition in this state.She climbed the huge take-off ramp, took a deep breath, closed her eyes, imagined herself in the air, thought, then leapt and threw herself into the sky.In the snowfield, gu Ailing’s challenge to herself is contained in the increasingly difficult movements.Constantly trying new things around her is her exploration of the infinite possibilities of her future.These traits are particularly evident in many of the new generation of athletes represented by her.After winning a gold medal in the men’s big jump, Su Yiming, 17, became a sponsor of Burton, a world-famous snowboarding brand, at age 7.Rather than pure talent, persistence, hard work and relentless challenge are the keys to what he is today.”A new difficulty move. I practiced 6 hours a day. At the peak, I broke 4 boards in a week.”At the age of nine, Su was also selected by Tsui Hark to play the role of “Little Supi” in the Taking of Tiger Mountain.”I hope you can do your best to try what you want to try, because hard work will never deceive you.”Su Yiming, a snowboarder, has never given up exploring more possibilities in other fields.And away from the slopes, other new athletes are doing just as much for their passion.Xiao Yuyi, who scored the winning goal in the women’s Asian Cup final, Yang Qian, who helped China win its first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, quan Hong Chan, a 14-year-old champion on the diving platform.There are countless examples of young people on the field who have shown us the resilience and strength of a new generation and how it can lead to a better future.The reason why people like Gu Ailing is not just the theory of “gold medal”.Gu’s story is like a mirror. Not only a small number of sports fans, but also ordinary people who live a serious life, can see what they want to become in this “kaihanging” script.There is no shortcut to what we love, which is the answer presented by Gu Ailing.We don’t have to set too many restrictions on our way to pursue our dreams and a better life — exploring new possibilities and challenging ourselves is already a very happy thing in life.Every ordinary individual may have an invisible “snow field” in front of him.Before running to this “snow field”, we may be uncertain and afraid, but when we really stand on the stage and think of stories like Gu Ailing’s, we will have more expectations for our future, become brave and firm, and calmly meet every challenge.Whether it is the young generation represented by Gu Ailing, or every ordinary person who is going to the “snow field”, they are struggling to deal with various problems in life.Because we know that finding a beautiful solution, in a way, means exploring more possibilities for the future.When these may be rich and diverse enough, perhaps everyone will find a “perfect life” of their own.As the competition continues, Gu is also challenging herself to better herself.In “I Admit, I Fell in love with Fear,” she writes, “I focused on being grateful for the present, judging the present, and enjoying what sports brought to me, both alone and in front of the world.”For every ordinary person, this is also what we long for in life. Instead of becoming a genius, perhaps we care more about “going to the future together” through self-breakthrough and experience again and again.