How about lenovo Small new Pro16?

2022-07-10 0 By

This notebook with the graphics card, optional RTX3050 55W, also optional GTX1650 55W;We want to buy this series of all-round books, actually need to know a lot of things.There is a core version, not alone, I think do not recommend to buy, this is the design, only with a CPU, it is better to buy the thin;There is the MX450 version, basically similar, with 25W MX450, 18mm+1.9kg weight, a little thick;There are GTX1650 and RTX3050 version, the two graphics card theory gap 40%, but because RTX3050 power pressure to 55W, the gap closer 20%;The Intel version was also largely ruled out;R5 or R7, R5-5600H single-core r7-5800H is not much different from r7-5800H, multi-core performance for video clips such as, there is a bonus, do not estimate the impact is not big;2K screen resolution and 120HZ refresh rate, which is better than the game at the same price point;The heat dissipation of small new PRO16 is not as good as that of the game, only 2 air outlets;In order to test the heat dissipation level of the notebook, use aiDA64 Stress FPU+ Furmark double bake for 30 minutes. The CPU can reach 84 degrees +25W, and the graphics card can reach 55W+75.2 degrees. The heat dissipation level is not to the top, leaving a little room, but the power consumption is to the bottom.That’s a lot less than the 130W of the game;From the body temperature to see the problem, because of thin, the keyboard surface is heated more, has caught up with the game, the C surface of a large area of 40 degrees up;GTX1650, if you don’t require high graphics card, most play LOL, even if eat chicken game, don’t play 3A, 1650 is very good;Last round of sales, you can check it out