Spring planting were | filter water high altitudes seize seasonal recovery and busy

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This year’s spring production, Lushui city early deployment and early down task, strengthen technical guidance to ensure the smooth progress of spring sowing.At present, the middle and high altitudes are seizing the season, the full spread of corn planting.In Youya village, Gudeng Township, every family has been busy ploughing, cleaning and sowing since late March.Gudeng Township Youya village sanhua-mei said: “the festival arrived quickly to plant, rain seeds grow out, to complete in April tomb-sweeping day.”The cultivated land in Lushui city is distributed in the area from 730 meters to more than 2000 meters above sea level, and the planting time varies greatly at different altitudes.Yang Jianhong, a senior agronomist with the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Lushui City, said, “Corn planting usually starts around Qingming at high altitudes, and ends around mid-June at low altitudes.Rice will start planting at low elevations around April 20 and finish in high elevations around mid-June, “he said.Lushui city plans to plant 281,000 mu of spring crops this year, including 160,000 mu of corn, the planting area has been decomposed to each township.In order to do a good job in spring production, the city’s agricultural and rural departments actively reserve agricultural materials while providing meteorological services for each township, and organize five spring production technology guidance group, to 10 townships, streets for technical guidance.At present, the first line along the river is carrying out seedling breeding, high-standard farmland construction into the end stage.As of March 28, more than 12,000 tons of agricultural materials were in place in the city, and more than 3,000 tons of agricultural materials were sold.The city has accumulated more than 70,000 tons of fertilizer, transported more than 27,000 tons of fertilizer, ploughed more than 110,000 mu of land, planted more than 41,000 mu of crops, including 20,600 mu of corn.Lu Shui Rong media reporter Hu Chen LAN Li Min