Technology enabling service First Everbright Bank to build transaction banking digital service capabilities

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Everbright bank practice customer-focused service concept, customer perspective to reshape financial product and service process, with “more forward one kilometer” “outside the multidirectional one kilometer” of thinking will be trading bank service closely integrated with the enterprise management, enrich the transaction banking products “toolbox”, promote online and greening, digital service ability,With new ideas, new practices, new channels to provide customers with comprehensive financial services, to create the ultimate customer experience.In recent years, Everbright Bank has integrated major transaction banking products and services, such as cash management, supply chain finance and cross-border finance, to build online service capabilities for all transaction banking products.Everbright bank focus on supply chain enterprise in the industry of Treasury management requirements, actively implement the eight ministries of normative development of supply chain finance support stable supply chain industry chain’s opinions on circulation and the optimization and upgrading, based on the customer perspective, make open bank service ability, provide financial support for the core enterprise sharing economic construction.In financial services, to provide “enterprise on the chain” set of accounts, financing, and settlement of transaction banking financial services, to become the industrial chain, ecological circle comprehensive provider of financial services, help the core enterprise to promote the healthy development of ecological industry, promote the overall efficiency of the industrial chain of supply chain, reduce the enterprise cost, service entity economic development.At the same time, it has explored the construction of mobile terminal service capabilities, and successively launched functions such as cash withdrawal, payment and code scanning on the mobile terminal of corporate settlement cards to provide convenient financial services for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.With the rapid development of Internet technology and fintech, the demand for financial services in government services, education, medical care and other fields is growing rapidly. Everbright Bank keenly captures the market demand.Export the ability of trading bank products and services in bidding security management, direct collection of electricity charges, non-tax collection, supervision of education funds and other business scenarios, connect with the Internet scene and enterprises, build a platform, attract customers and optimize services.Bocom digital service ability, positive response to the enterprise business model transformation everbright bank services to focus on the fact, channel integration, integration of account management, settlement services, electronic documents and other financial products, integrated public services such as identity authentication, information query, provide enterprises with better experience, more optimal for settlement of financing products, lower costs in financial management.We will give full play to the advantages of commercial banks in technology application, hardware equipment, professionals and industry experience, fully support the reform of state-owned enterprises, the upgrading of government services and the building of intelligent corporate finance, and establish a new model of bank-enterprise cooperation.At the same time, through the dual-track mechanism of “science and technology dispatching” and “operation and maintenance service”, technology enabling services provide digital support for product innovation, process optimization and customer marketing, and promote enterprises to create new competitiveness for sustainable development.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: