The golden football is the driving force of youth training!But breaking professional rules doesn’t last

2022-07-10 0 By

After the national football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam, the outside world has reflected on the naturalization policy, more media pointed out the shortcomings of jinyuan football!However, He Xiaolong, the famous national football player, is clearly opposed to this view, and he is throwing out a new point of view: Gold and Yuan football is a good thing, but there is a big problem!According to He xiaolong, many people contradict themselves by saying that parents send their children to play football in the hope of making a lot of money, but at the same time saying that jinyuan football has ruined youth training.In fact, jinyuan football is the biggest driving force for parents and children to participate in football at this stage.Youth training needs a long period of time, the current talent shortage is caused by the golden yuan football era, the positive stimulation of golden Yuan football to youth training, it will take some years to show.The real problem with the golden Ball is that it is against professional rules and cannot last.Youth training industrialization is very expensive!To burn this money for a long time, there must be a profitable league to support.Gold football is not a problem, the problem is can stable investment, rather than cast 10 years do not cast!It is obvious that parents and children would have more motivation if footballers were a high-income group.However, there are also opposing voices that: children play football is the first child’s interest, talent and parents’ feelings.What industry can’t make money?To pursue a football career where you can’t read?Apparently not!It is impossible for youth training to succeed without studying and playing football.Beita thinks: If our football kids can get full scholarships to go to good universities like the NBA draft players, then Chinese football will have hope!Is he Xiaolong right in saying that golden football is the driving force of youth training?Would you agree with him?What do you think?So finally, what do you want to say, I am Beta, welcome to the fans of the old friends of the message discussion!