Tigers must not be washed together, the color will fade

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Although everyone is very busy, but today, Miaojun specially came to a “Tiger special issue” New Year, from red Red tiger!01 our common tiger, mostly orange cat, there is a tiger, is black and white stripes, white tiger!In our extensive and profound ancient cultural legends, there have long been records of the white tiger.White tiger, the whole body such as snow, without miscellaneous hair, and qinglong, rosefinch, xuanwu and for the four great god beast.According to legend, only when the peace and prosperity will appear.In folk tales, there are also white tigers, who married Fuxi’s descendants and later became totems of the Tujia family!Of course, the appearance of the white tiger deification also shows our ancient people’s yearning and desire for a better life. Now, we know more about the white tiger!The white tiger, also known as the Bengal White tiger, is a variant of the Bengal tiger.Many people will misinterpret it as albino!It’s not a disease. It’s a simple genetic mutation.The first wild Bengal white tiger was found and captured in India in 1951 and was named Mohan.All of the hundreds of white tigers left in the world are its descendants.It can be described as the ancestor of the white tiger!Pay attention to oh!Tigers can’t be washed together, or the color will fade!The tigers we often see are mostly terrestrial. In fact, tigers are also good at swimming.My own kitten, bath is like death, but this big cat still love to play in the water, always want to take a bath!Especially in the tropics, during the hot season, to avoid heat, tigers spend most of the day in the bath!Of course, the cat that swims and fishes best is the fisher cat.Fishing cat fishing success!But don’t underestimate us!Its hydrophilic and swimming skills are in the second tier of cats, after the fishing cat.People usually do not fish, fishing is unusual.Crocodile: How about I go?Brother Hu once had a great record. One day he swam 29 kilometers in the river.Even the best swimmers have to say, “Wow!Invincible is how lonely tiger in the water can also incidentally take a runner-up to play, that may have friends doubt, it will climb trees?Of course!Why do we seldom see tigers climbing trees?Because people don’t have to climb trees.Our common animals climb trees for two reasons.Generally in order to avoid the harm of other animals, the second is to look for food!This need not say more, we tiger brother only forced other animals to climb trees which have their own forced up the tree embarrass shape!Plus its main prey is on the ground, not to mention looking for fruit in a tree!This is how you think Tiger Brothers climb trees actually, they do!As the king of all animals, is the tiger always awesome?Of course, somebody else also has trouble — about love!Harm, who do not want to eat eat bitter love!But the tiger that pursues alone all the time, what should be done when the heart is stirring?Dilly-dally, there is no woman want to have fun with me!I can not catch love, always helplessly watch it slip away……Take action when you have an idea!When it comes to finding a soul mate, the tiger is much more tactful.It will first leave its courtship scent on the edge of its territory, attracting the opposite sex, and the estrus scent is quite strong and can last up to three weeks.Sounds like a bit of fantasy, in fact, the operation method is very simple, around the boundaries of their own territory and urinate everywhere!It’s kind of like giving out little paper ads.Ps: Human beings should not imitate animal behavior.Tigers always live next door to the opposite sex.The male tiger sends small cards everywhere, and the nearby female tiger cannot fail to notice. If she wants to, the female tiger also starts to send small cards.You interact offline, you spy on each other, and after a while, if you see eye to eye, you’re in love!Like the lion, the male tiger looks like a powerful horse, but in fact it can last up to a minute, or 20 seconds under normal conditions.Moreover, the sex process is not pleasant, the male tiger that covered with barbs, sting the female tiger.Turn into a tigress right now!So, in order to save his life, the male tiger will bite the back of his wife’s neck when having sex.But it’s not a foolproof solution!When the male tiger accidentally attack angered his wife, she mercilessly look back and roar, suddenly will break free, then if the male tiger escape slowly, the consequences are unimaginable…Single Tiger: I have sinned and God will punish me, not watch cat movies. Although according to tiger custom, love has a time limit. When the female has her cubs, the male has to leave and not take part in protecting the wife and raising the children.But when it comes to love, the rules are not absolute.Some male tigers will not worry about their wives and children even if they leave, they will drag their prey to the wife’s territory.Share their prey with their wives and children to keep them safe.”To love you, I’m willing to break the rules.” That’s the end of the tiger special!In our Chinese legends, the tiger is an extremely powerful and righteous animal that can pray for good fortune and ward off evil spirits!So, I wish you peace and health in the New Year of the Tiger.Everyone can be as brave and fearless as Tiger Brother!