What’s the difference between my life and my sister’s

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When we were in love, he would coyly call you baby, baby, you are my little heart, I couldn’t live a day without you.But what is marriage?I summed it up to him that marriage is responsibility, you have responsibility to your family, you have responsibility to your children.My cousin started with 7,000 yuan a month when she was working in Beijing.Well, then my cousin is a pushy type.Even at home, my cousin’s husband obeys everything he says.And so does your cousin’s husband.Why don’t we go home?My cousin’s salary is not high, and he is not old or young.The cousin’s husband privately complained that, “Hey, your cousin is too pushy.”Which woman is not gentle like water, your sister, your sister is the only man like me to want her.But I feel very surprised ah, two people usually feel.I mean, some of that, but he feels very loving, but he also has some complaints inside.Well, I guess I’ll just have to listen.My cousin’s husband takes more responsibility for the family. My cousin goes to work.It’s hard to talk all day.But as an outsider, trying to persuade each other a little, I said it was hard for you two to be considerate.It’s not easy for him at home, and it’s not easy for you outside, is it?Take your time. Who doesn’t fit in?As a stay-at-home mother, my first is that I have low education and low education.The second is that that background has shaped my life.The third thing is, a young idler, an old beggar. You feel it’s easy without studying, don’t you?You will suffer more if you don’t study.For example, if my child’s teacher wants something, I have to buy it or get it for him, and then I need something for myself.I have to figure it out. How am I gonna buy what I want?Cooking, shopping, cleaning.I originally thought I could make $10 to $15 a day. Now I’m making $20.In my 20s and 30s, I have enough money to buy vegetables.I can tell you, we don’t have a factory here, manual work is sewing leather.He has a lot of drugs in it, which can damage the skin, so I don’t see it, I don’t touch it.So what I want to say is that AH, I am not easy at home, you do not think I am very idle panic.If you don’t like me, I don’t like you either. We will quarrel every day when we go home.I’m damned if you don’t have a headache. Can we make money?Can’t.You can’t even do your own housework every day.