The lure of going home!Barcelona sign wolverhampton Wanderers in the first place

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Accuracy and malicious!Barcelona have agreed a loan deal with Wolves for winger Traore to stay at camp Nou until the end of the season, according to the daily Sport.If barca opt for a buyout at that time, he will be offered a four-year contract.Traore, 26, came through barca’s youth system but scored once in just four first-team appearances.Traore left Barcelona for Aston Villa in the summer of 2015 for 10 million euros and had two seasons at Middlesbrough, scoring five goals and 13 assists.After spending a season in the Championship with Middlesbrough in 2017/18, Traore was snapped up by Premier League promotion Wolverhampton Wanderers and became one of the premier League’s most dynamic wingers in 2019/20, scoring four goals and nine assists in 37 Premier League games.Quick, skilful and athletic, Traore is impressively swift down the wing and would be the best winger on the planet were it not for his awkward shooting and passing.This time to get the old club Barcelona’s favor, but also from the coach Xavi’s point, in his tactical system, the explosive type of winger is essential.Before Xavi dembele for many times to retain is also for this reason, but now Xavi has no longer on the French winger have any hope, Traore’s arrival, is still the heart of dembele under the ultimate departure.It is worth mentioning that Traore’s loan to Barcelona for half a season is only 350,000 euros.His salary at Wolves is 2.4 million euros a year, so traore took a pay cut of 850,000 euros in order to return to Barcelona.The Spanish winger was unable to resist the temptation to return home.In fact, this is the essence of Barca, even if Messi’s departure has been disastrous, but it is still a powerful attraction for professional players and coaches.Xavi gave up west Asia’s lucrative salary to return to the king, Alves on minimum salary to return are good examples, now, Traore is also about to become a Barcelona return to the wanderer.However this result, estimate will let Tottenham coach Conti a face meng forced.As traore’s name has been linked with Spurs until now, Conte has even made plans for him to be the left wing back in conte’s central three.The importance of this position in Conte’s tactical system is self-evident.In fact, conte hinted after tottenham’s 2-0 defeat to Chelsea in the last round of the Barclays Premier League that they needed a buyer, but it would have been odd if traore had been snapped up by Barcelona before Levy had given his reaction.If conte does not finish in the top four this season, his future at White Hart Lane is in doubt.