Turgor period, the choice of fertilizer: potash fertilizer or nitrogen fertilizer, the industry has not broken the dispute

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In the whole planting industry, since ancient times, there is a sentence for the selection of different fertilizers in the process of crop growth experience.”Nitrogen fertilizer makes the leaves grow, potash makes the fruit grow, and phosphate makes the plants bloom.”There is also much debate about which is the most effective, potash or nitrogen.What are the nutritional elements in the process of Pengguo stage, which is the key to choose top dressing?How to carry out reasonable top dressing is the key to pengguo stage?These problems are the key to the choice of fertilizer in Pengguo period, but also the core to dispel any doubts.Understanding of potassium fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer?These two fertilizers are familiar to anyone with growing experience.Both are the most common and commonly used fertilizers.Potash is the most commonly used type in the planting process.The most commonly used are potassium dihydrogen phosphate, potassium sulfate, potassium chloride and so on, which can promote the growth of crops during flowering and shorten the ripening cycle for fruits.Nitrogen fertilizer, commonly used in urea, ammonium sulfate, ammonium bicarbonate, and so on, and this nitrogen, promote crop growth rate, this is very obvious.Which is faster, potassium fertilizer or nitrogen fertilizer, for Pengguo stage?This is the most controversial issue in the industry.But at present, there is no unified answer.Especially in the industry there is no actual case comparison, but there is a point must be understood.For the growth of crops, it requires not only nitrogen fertilizer or potassium fertilizer, but different elements and trace elements to meet the whole growth process.It is not a single fertilizer that can achieve the goal of crop fruit, this should be kept in mind by all planting friends.However, each netizen must make a nitrogen fertilizer peng Guo fast or potassium fertilizer Peng Guo fast?We can only say that comparatively speaking, or potassium fertilizer in pengguo stage is slightly better than nitrogen.There is indeed some exquisite about this, mainly in the period of Peng Guo on the comparison.In the fruit-setting stage, it needs potash fertilizer most, and pengguo is the best.But at the time of expansion, nitrogen fertilizer is needed to ensure the effect of expansion.But from the point of fact, the two different fertilizers also have different effects in different pengguo periods, and are complementary to each other.In Pengguo period, different nutritional elements, and what effect?The whole pengguo period is very important for the fruit.This is critical in selecting fertilizers, which can either reduce yield or reduce overall quality.In the whole pengguo stage, the choice of fertilizer is mainly based on nitrogen fertilizer, which is the key to ensure growth.This nitrogen fertilizer is mainly a basic element composed of protein and amino acid. In the case of insufficient nitrogen fertilizer, protein synthesis in cells will have problems in the process of fruit enlargement, so the effect on fruit enlargement is very poor.Excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer will also lead to reduced fruit sweetness.At this point it is important to know when nitrogen fertilizer is applied, especially at the first pengguo stage.Potash, on the other hand, is an important nutrient that promotes crop color transformation at pengguo stage.And it is photosynthesis in the process of crop growth that ensures the nutritional requirements of crop growth.One important thing to know is to increase the sugar content of the crops themselves.The reason why some people grow sweet and others don’t is because of potash.In addition, there are calcium elements, magnesium and other elements in the crop Pengguo period.Calcium in pengguo period can solve the problem of fruit cracking very well.This point must pay attention to, if there is a problem of cracking fruit in Peng Guo period, it is the problem of calcium fertilizer topdressing and period.In the use of calcium fertilizer, it can also improve the surface of crops more beautiful, improve the economic benefits of crops.About this magnesium, it’s the main component of chlorophyll in crops.But over the course of crop growth, for photosynthesis.This magnesium has this very powerful effect on photosynthesis in crops.From a side view, this magnesium also promotes the growth of crops at pengguo stage.Conclusion: to choose potassium fertilizer or nitrogen fertilizer for crop pengguo stage?This choice requires a certain amount of scientific data, not a single fertilizer can solve.The key is to choose the right fertilizer at different times. This is the key.Rather than a certain fertilizer on the impact of pengguo period, this is no way to say.In different growth cycle, choose different fertilizer topdressing, this is the key to fertilization.