Can Traditional Chinese medicine treat cancer after all?To tell the truth, these four types of people are more suitable for TCM

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Different cancer patients have different attitudes towards TCM treatment. Some patients regard TCM as the last straw and come to TCM only when all treatments fail. Some even think TCM is just a placebo, which is of no use at all.Others think that Chinese medicine can cure the root cause, relying on Chinese medicine can completely achieve the curative effect.I think these are very one-sided, no one can guarantee that TCM treatment of cancer can be cured, of course, can not be completely denied, TCM treatment of cancer to reasonable use to play a role.For example, taking Traditional Chinese medicine before and after surgery, when radiotherapy and chemotherapy, can achieve twice the result with half the effort in recovering the body and reducing toxic and side effects.If you can’t surgery and radiation and chemotherapy patients, can control the condition of traditional Chinese medicine, improve symptoms, survival with tumor also is right choice, the effect of treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is very obvious, not blind denial of traditional Chinese medicine, also don’t put the Chinese medicine “apotheosis” of course, for the moment, combining Chinese and western medicine is the treatment of I recommend.So in general, what kind of people are more suitable for TCM treatment?I think these four types of people can try TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine. First, elderly cancer patients are relatively weak and have low immunity due to their older age.For surgery wound healing is relatively slow, qi and blood is not easy to recover.The resistance to the toxic side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy is relatively weak, so AT this time I think the treatment of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine is more appropriate than traditional Western medicine treatment.Elderly patients itself metabolism is slow, they transfer speed is relatively slow, can through the control of traditional Chinese medicine, through the righting to improve a patient’s own immunity, restore patients, improve the patient’s quality of life, as much as possible to extend the life of the patients, a lot of elderly patients with tumor survival can achieve three years five years or longer.Second, patients who cannot receive chemoradiotherapy.Surgery can not completely ensure that all cancer cells are killed, in order to prevent tumor metastasis, so it is necessary to cooperate with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but some patients because of the reaction to radiotherapy and chemotherapy is too large, or can not accept radiotherapy and chemotherapy for various reasons, this time can choose traditional Chinese medicine treatment.Third, inoperable patients, some patients in the middle and late stages missed the best time for surgery, patients with tumors too large to be removed, and so on, surgery cannot be carried out normally, so radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be combined with Traditional Chinese medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment.Fourth, for patients who have completed radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but the lesions still exist, the conventional treatment of Western medicine has ended at this time, and the tumor still exists. In other words, they may face metastasis and recurrence at any time. At this time, TCM intervention to control the recurrence and metastasis of the tumor is also the best method.Both traditional Chinese and western medicine have their own advantages in treating cancer. We often say that the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine is to walk on two legs and get twice the result with half the effort.For treatment can not blindly believe in a treatment method, also can not completely deny, must choose their own treatment plan according to their own condition, rational treatment, in this point Chinese medicine is a coincidence.Hope everyone can recover soon, if you have any questions, please leave a message.