“Go to the grassroots in the Spring Festival” to protect the Tibetan blue to help rural revitalization and development

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On the eve of the Lunar New Year, Luo Honglin, the leader of the wujiazhuang village working team, and Yang Yuejun, the team member, were dispatched by lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau to visit the village and deliver coal and couplets to the elderly living alone in the village.”Once you have a good life, you can’t cause trouble to the country!””Oh, thank you, thank you very much!”Guo Shougong, a 72-year-old villager who lives alone all the year round, suffers from leg pain due to leg disease.When he saw the police car, he hurried out on crutches to meet him. When he saw the coal in the trunk, he told the police in the village that 2 bags were enough.Luo honglin and Yang Yuejun carried four bags of coal into the firewood room for the old man, arranged them neatly, and presented them with couplets.”Now that life is better, we can no longer cause trouble to the state, to the police.Last year, after I was lifted out of poverty, I had to pay 800 yuan for a medical visit. I can’t let the state do it all.”Guo Shougong told reporters, due to the gratitude of the national policy and the village police, he quietly finished the illness in accordance with the normal procedures of the reimbursement part, but this thing was still in the village police Yang Yuejun know, asked the elderly for relevant documents, in accordance with the relevant policies and procedures reimbursement.In 2013, Wujiazhuang village was incorporated into the registered poor village, and was assisted by several teams stationed in the village. In 2018, Wujiazhuang village was removed from the registered poor village and lifted out of poverty in 2021.Now, the Tibetan Blue Village team is guarding this hopeful village and steadily stepping into rural revitalization.”Our public security police fight against crimes to protect the people. On this new journey of rural revitalization, our village police team should accompany the villagers to move forward steadily.”Lanzhou city public Security Bureau economic investigation detachment police Luo Honglin as the village work captain, full of confidence.”Give full play to the advantages of the police and do practical things for the masses.” 90-year-old Dou Grandma and her 89-year-old husband Li Grandpa are the two oldest people in Wujiazhuang Village. Although the siheyuan they live in is small, but clean and tidy, they can often be seen busy in the yard.But today did not see two old people in the yard, lunch time also did not see smoke, Luo Honglin and Yang Yuejun feel wrong, hurried to the house.”Hello?Village doctor?Grandma Dou, the oldest in the village, has fallen down from the kang. Can you come over?”Seeing Grandma Dou lying on the kang, Yang called the village doctor and informed his daughter.Luo Honglin while asking the situation, while pacifying the emotions of the old couple.Ten minutes later, the village doctor came to consult, fortunately, just muscle strain, no big obstacle, the village doctor will give dou Grandma acupuncture, prescribed some medicine.”The dust is too heavy for me to lift, and the kang is not hot enough.I can’t eat when she’s sick.”Because dou grandma sprained his waist the day before, Grandpa Li could not think about tea, saw the police and the village doctor, eyes red.Soon, Luo honglin and Yang Yuejun worked together to clean the yard, remove dust and burn kang.Seeing that his wife was all right, Grandpa Li also put the pot on the rack and began to cook.”Lifting a finger is not a small thing, we come here to have big goals and small goals, play the advantages of the police, do practical things for the masses, let family happiness is our greatest happiness.”Before leaving, Yang yuejun told the two elderly people to take good care of their health, the village team will always care about them.Looking forward to spring and welcoming a new beginning, li Shengde, a villager, came out of the vegetable greenhouses and saw that it was the police stationed in the village. He began to introduce the construction situation and plan of the vegetable greenhouses cheerfully.The original Longquan Wujiazhuang village land resources rich, per capita arable land 4.7 acres, and fertile soil, suitable for planting all kinds of food crops, cash crops and so on.However, due to climate drought, sparse rainfall, limited by natural climate conditions, resulting in crops in the growth period of water can not be satisfied, yield reduction.Water shortage has become the main factor restricting economic development and industrial revitalization of Wujiazhuang village.Since the irrigation project started in September 2021, the village team has actively publicized the relevant policies of rural revitalization and the development opportunities and bright prospects of vegetable planting brought by the irrigation project to Wujiazhuang Village in the process of household visits.After Li Shengde learned the news, when he went home to harvest crops, he went to the village committee to consult the working team in the village and the staff of the village “two committees” about the implementation of irrigation project and the planning of the future industrial development of the village.The village team visited Li Shengde’s home several times and mobilized li Shengde, who had great concerns during the mobilization process.”Elder brother, you are nearly 60 years old now, and we are doing hard labor when we go out for work. When we go out for work, we can only have 35 thousand yuan left at most after expenses.Now that the policy is in place, the village’s irrigation project will be put into use in May 2022, solving the problem of planting irrigation. If we build a greenhouse, farm and raise pigs and sheep, we can earn more than 150,000 yuan a year and take good care of the family.”Luo Honglin said to Li Shengde.After many times of mobilization, Now Li Shengde gave up his worries about growing vegetables at home, and built the first vegetable greenhouse in Wujiazhuang Village, becoming the leader of the development of vegetable industry in Wujiazhuang village.In 2021, Wujiazhuang village collective economy shares bonus 75,000 yuan, east and west assistance bonus 8,000 yuan.In the New Year, under the protection of Tibetan blue, Li Shengde and the villagers are destined to pass through the tunnel of time, illuminate the past, base on the present, and step steadily towards the future of rural revitalization.