You don’t want to tread in these minefields

2022-07-12 0 By

Taking the postgraduate entrance exam is not only a test of your learning ability and exam-taking ability, but also an information war in many cases.Many young graduates start the competition with the determination of “I must pass the entrance exam”.However, ignoring information or making the wrong choice can lead to the wrong first step.So between this situation, the elder sister summed up some of the postgraduate entrance examination minefield for everyone, I hope everyone after reading this article, can timely lightning protection.So what are the minefields we need to look out for and avoid?Inappropriate choice when a lot of world War I students determine colleges and universities, because of the first time, do not know the true situation of one’s deceased father grind, and do not consider their true strength, go one’s own way, think that as long as you can take an examination of very good colleges and universities with your own cavity blood, the result is very easy to fall into dishonor.Of course, we have such blood, there is the spirit of sprint, which is worth affirming.However, we need to keep our feet on the ground to reach the goal we can achieve.For postgraduate entrance examination, sometimes the choice is more than the effort.If you get it wrong from the start, you’re more likely to lose the rest of your efforts.In fact, postgraduate entrance examination is, in a way, a marathon.Before such a long preparation, we need to carry out a complete and reasonable planning.If you don’t have a plan, you can’t get started.So the first thing we do when we pick a target is not to start learning right away, but to create a specific plan for the battle ahead.First of all, you should know what your goal is to be tested and how many points you need. After knowing this information, you can plan what kind of small goal you need to achieve in each stage. Only after we achieve this small goal one by one, can we sprint to the biggest goal.If you study aimlessly every day, this attitude is likely to undermine your learning efficiency.Every year, I almost see such regretful students.I did well in other subjects, but English became my biggest weakness. No matter how high I got in other subjects, I could not pass the test because of my English.Therefore, if we find that we are very weak in the subject when preparing for the exam, we should put more effort in this subject.It doesn’t matter how high the course ends up being, just don’t let it drag you down.Want to take this problem seriously in inchoate only rise, still can avoid completely because of this one course and painful lose second try qualification.We decided on a good goal, a good plan, began to execute.But many students will appear at the beginning of the motivation, after two days want to be lazy, you think that it is nothing to take a break, steal a lazy, but in fact, it will have a very big impact on your learning planning.We can think about it, if you do not achieve a small goal on time, then you will postpone all the small goals, such a delay again and again, to the end of your learning degree must be unqualified, and your initial goal is far from.So if you want to finally get a good grade, then you have to overcome laziness, overcome the desire to be lazy.Only one step at a time, the road will go steady.My final piece of advice: Get started.If you are planning to take the postgraduate entrance exam, then start preparing now.Because with learning, it’s better to be early than late.