I’m on duty for holidays!State Grid Luobei County Power Supply Company “Red Majia” free replacement “Send Light”

2022-07-13 0 By

On February 2nd, Zhao Yucai, a member of the CPC service team of State Grid Heilongjiang Electric Power (Hegang Luobei), and his colleagues solved the problems of electric heating equipment that were not in the scope of repair service for residential customers during the holiday. The house got warmer and people’s hearts got warmer.It is understood that this morning, State grid Luobei County power supply company taipinggou power supply party member Zhao Yutai received at 11:38 came to Taipinggou township Xingdong village 75 years old solitary old man Liu Zhaoying call for help said, “the home electric heating is not hot, still always’ click click ‘ring, I do not know what is going on?!”.Zhao Yucai through customer preliminary judgment is power electric heating equipment control cabinet fault, it is not in the power supply fault repair service category, but he is considering the special case of the old man living alone and coincided with the festival, then put was about to have dinner bowl chopsticks, with colleagues, or put on the “red vests” and put on his personal “treasure box”, drove to the scene disposal.After checking, sure enough, it is because of hardware failure that can’t heat.With the help of colleagues, the ac contactor in the control box was replaced, and the room warmed up a little bit.Liu zhaoying turned from anxiety to joy, and warmly invited the team members to eat the hand-rolled noodles she had just made. The two team members walked away in the old man’s gaze.State Grid Luobei County Power Supply Company through the communist Party member service team “12 forward” volunteer service for special groups to extend the quality of service forward “one kilometer”, effectively solve the masses “ji ‘nan anxious hope” problem, with practical actions to practice the “people for the people” purpose.(Ma Baofu)