Qutou Town, Ruichang city: carry out fire safety spot warning education

2022-07-13 0 By

Jiujiang News network (Liu Yongjian) “electric bicycles shall not park in the stairwell, evacuation channel, safety exit, shall not occupy the fire channel, shall not privately pull disorderly power line charging……”February 25, Ruichang city qutou town using fire manual, broadcast and other forms, the field to the masses of the communication of fire knowledge.It is understood that rural fire infrastructure is weak, population composition is complex, and most of them are children and the elderly, fire awareness is weak, self-rescue ability is weak.According to this actual situation, the town fire propagandists actively with the fire department and fire volunteers and other grassroots forces to carry out “fire safety scene warning education”.To the problems and hidden dangers of the site with easy to understand language to guide the villagers self-examination and self-correction.”Fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, these common fire supplies around us do you know how to use?”The firefighter asked villagers at the event, who looked at each other in amazement.Then began fire equipment training.Combine theory with practice to ensure that every villager understands and listens to the meeting.In the next step, Kaotou town will continue to carry out in-depth fire safety work, enhance residents’ awareness of the “red line” to prevent safety accidents, and strive to effectively improve the safety awareness and emergency handling capacity of the people under the jurisdiction.