Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics in previous years these majors have a small number of quota, 22 postgraduate candidates please pay attention to

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The adjustment of the postgraduate entrance examination is a war of information, who master more information, who master the speed of information, who will greatly increase the probability of success.Below, the postgraduate entrance examination of Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics in the past three years to bring you a summary of adjustment information for candidates reference!Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics (Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics) is the only institution of higher learning in Finance and Economics in Xinjiang and a key University in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.The school is located in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang.It was selected as the national Demonstration university for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform.Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Renmin University of China will support Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics.In 2021, Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics will enroll 628 postgraduate students, which is the largest number in the past three years. In this transfer, 29 majors will receive the transfer, among which the majors with a large number of transfer vacancies are:020204 Finance, 025100 Finance, 025200 Applied Statistics, 025300 Taxation, 025400 International Business, 025500 Insurance, 035101 Law (illegal Science), 035102 Law (Law), 055200 News and Communication, 120100 Management Science and Engineering, 120201 AccountingSchool, 120202 business management, 125200 public management, 125400 tourism management.The details of the adjustment are as follows: (The data comes from The Tianyan Entrance examination for small Program graduate students) Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics will enroll 469 postgraduate students in 2020, among which the MBA School’s business Administration major has the largest number of adjustment. The sources of adjustment are as follows:China people’s university of 5 people, 3 people, capital university of economics and business, northwestern polytechnical university 3 people, 3 people of shandong university, jilin university 3, Beijing university of posts and telecommunications 3 3, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Shanghai university of finance and 3 people, 2 people xian building university of science and technology, 2 hohai university, tongji university, 2, 2 people of nanchang university, Beijing industry and commerce university, communication university of China 2, cheung kong graduate school of 1 1 1, chongqing jiaotong university, zhengzhou university, southwest university, hebei university of economy and trade 1 person 1, hebei industry university, jiangnan university, 1, 1, wuhan university, hangzhou university of electronic science and technology 1 1 person, dalian university of technology, dalian maritime university and Harbin industrial university, 1, 1 person of nankai university, nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics 11, nanjing university of science and technology, east China university of political science and law 1 person 1, east China normal university, Beijing normal university, central university of finance and economics 1 person, 1 people university, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China university of mining &technology (Beijing), China agricultural university 1 person 1, Shanghai international studies university, Shanghai jiaotong university, 1 2020 specific dispensing conditions such as xinjiang university of finance and economics graduate studentIn 2019, xinjiang University of Finance and Economics admitted the least number of master’s students in the past three years, only 167, among which 16 majors accepted the transfer. The details of the transfer are as follows:(This data comes from the small program postgraduate entrance examination tianyan) Above is the previous year’s adjustment information of Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics shared by postgraduate entrance examination freshmen. I hope it will be of some help to candidates.Finally, the new graduate students here wish you can adjust successfully, the second test can pass smoothly.For more information, please leave a comment in the comments section below!