173.2 billion, steady!Huawei 5G has been dismantled by the UK, another Chinese technology has been reversed after 6 years

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As traditional energy becomes more and more tense and environmental problems become more and more prominent, the replacement of traditional energy by new energy has become a global trend.At this time, how to get more stable, safe and efficient clean energy has become a topic that all countries have to face.Among many new energy sources, nuclear power has always been the most controversial. Some people believe that nuclear power generation will produce nuclear waste, which is not safe and not clean energy.Others believe that as long as nuclear waste is properly disposed of, there will be no pollution, so nuclear energy is also clean energy.But recently, the European Union has put nuclear power at the top of most countries’ new-energy priorities.Nuclear power generation independent of natural environment has become an important part of the new energy transition.In 1991, Taishan Nuclear Power Plant was formally completed, which opened the prelude to the development of nuclear power in China.So far, the nuclear power plant has developed into the third generation, and China’s nuclear power technology has taken a leading position in the world.Among the third-generation models of nuclear power plants, China’s Hualong One has the highest market acceptance.Hualong One is jointly developed by CGN and Zhonghe, with 100% independent intellectual property rights.With pressurized water reactor (PWR) nuclear power technology, it is a national name card.Since its inception, Hualong One has received several major international contracts, including the Karachi 2 in Pakistan, which began operation in May last year, and a nuclear power plant in Argentina, which was recently awarded a contract.After winning Argentina’s nuclear power plant order, a few days later, “Hualong One” ushered in a good news!Recently, the UK Environment Agency and the Office for Nuclear Regulation issued a joint statement, saying that the Hualong One project has passed the GENERAL design review of the UK, and has been issued with relevant declaration certificate, and only environmental permission and project planning permission are required before construction can begin.After all, the UK has some of the most stringent general design reviews in the world.The review is divided into four stages, the first two stages are mainly preliminary safety inspection, the last two stages to review all technical and safety plate, the requirements are very high.China signed relevant cooperation with the UK in 2016, and the general design review lasted a full five years before it was approved.”Hualong One not only passed the approval, but also passed high standards of testing,” said a British official.To know at the time, this project is China’s CGNPC and France electricity company joint investment, the investment of CGNPC was 6 billion pounds, stake is 33.5%, and France’s stake is 66.5%, total investment of 18 billion pounds, reduced, 173.2 billion yuan, but the project using the hualong 1 technology of China,It was supposed to be completed in 2025, thanks to the cooperation of China, Britain and France.In the five years since the approval, the cooperation between the two sides has almost ended.In 2021, the UK threatened to tear up the contract, kick CGN out of the partnership and find a new partner.The same reason for dismantling Huawei’s 5G equipment was “national security”.The reason is still in the same old way. The fundamental reason for Britain’s announcement to kick out CGN is obvious to anyone. It is nothing more than pressure from the United States.After the US added CGN to its blacklist in 2019, it suspended authorized shipments of nuclear materials to CGN in 2021, which clearly shows that it wants to sanction CGN, just like it did huawei.At that time, the UK was looking for investors for the nuclear power project, and many American investors chose to wait and see because of CGN’s participation in the British nuclear power project.The UK wants to break the contract and try to get rid of CGN, presumably out of desperation.Why, then, has Britain reversed itself in less than six months?This has to do with the development of the nuclear power industry in the UK.Britain was one of the first countries in Europe to build a nuclear power industry, and in the early 21st century, nuclear power in Britain accounted for 25% of its total power generation.But Britain has not taken advantage of this first mover advantage. Nuclear construction has stalled, and many of its plants are very old.By 2020, nuclear will account for only 16% of Britain’s electricity generation, according to figures.By 2025, the UK is expected to have only half its existing nuclear capacity.A British spokesman also said the country’s electricity infrastructure was poor and too dependent on foreign gas.The removal of Huawei’s 5G equipment has dealt a blow to Britain’s communications.But the UK can still hope that Open RAN sites will grow to replace traditional RAN sites, or it can partner with other telecoms giants such as Ericsson.However, in the field of nuclear power plant construction, China’s technological level is almost far ahead.At present, China is almost the only country that can carry out the construction of the third generation nuclear power plants according to the budget and schedule.If the cooperation with CGN is completely cut off, the UK’s nuclear power construction will face more uncertainties and the energy crisis will be further aggravated.Therefore, the re-selection of “Hualong One” is the result of the UK after weighing the pros and cons. It still confirms the old saying that there are no eternal friends, only eternal interests.However, this is the first time for Hualong One to go abroad and participate in overseas project construction after Pakistan and Argentina, which shows that our nuclear power technology and strength have been greatly recognized. After that, China’s nuclear power will also explore a larger overseas market.For more, check out tech Wild Samurai