Nanhe District, Xingtai City, Hebei Province: A small wechat group becomes a big helper of autonomy

2022-07-14 0 By

Hebei news network news (reporter wen-jing wang) since June 2021, to give full play to the village (community) autonomous functions, activate the villagers to participate in, xingtai south area and explore the launch “WeChat group + grid” fusion of grassroots social governance model, secretary of the township, chief executive township government, running time, Bao Village cadres, secretary of the counting all entered the village WeChat group,It has taken on the responsibilities of propagating, educating, organizing and serving the masses, and built a bridge and bond between the Party and the government to keep close contact with the masses.Since last year, Nanhe district has set up 297 wechat groups, provided more than 3,500 convenience services, and resolved 385 potential conflicts, making grassroots social services and governance more objective, accurate, efficient and efficient.”Perennial outside, in the village before what we do not know, now the establishment of wechat group is much more convenient, everyone has a wechat, what happened in the village are said in the group, payment, open applications to prove these things are not afraid to forget!”This is a perennial outside the words of workers from the heart.In order to actively explore new channels to communicate with the masses, Nanhe District has set up wechat groups in 218 villages and communities in accordance with the principle of “one village (community) is one group, one family (at least) is one person”, realizing full family coverage and full online connectivity.Information on epidemic prevention and control, medical payment, pension insurance, and enterprise recruitment, which are closely related to the people, can be released in the wechat group at any time. This is not only convenient for the people, but also improves the level of grassroots autonomy.The participation of town and village cadres makes the village-level wechat group become the main front to communicate and understand the masses.It is understood that in order to effectively improve the effectiveness of wechat group, towns and villages continue to innovate grassroots social governance, explore the introduction of the use of wechat group to achieve the “mass order + voluntary service” new mechanism, the mechanism is mainly composed of the masses “order”, the captain “order”, the team “order”, the masses “order” four links.By providing door-to-door and subscription services to the people, it has provided new channels for the people to participate in social governance and strengthened the vitality of villagers’ self-governance.At the same time, by providing mutual assistance and voluntary services, it has effectively carried forward the “unity and friendship” spirit of the new township, and further strengthened the role of moral governance and education in rural governance.Since the launch of the activity, the volunteer service team has provided a total of 1,661 people with all kinds of voluntary services for the masses, effectively providing convenience for the masses, solving the “urgent difficulties and worries” of the masses, and all the villagers have further improved their consciousness of serving others consciously and participating in the village affairs., township or village two levels of cadres to join WeChat group, “zero distance” to listen to the masses, face to face with the masses, in “do” problems online collect offline mode, in accordance with the “general thing not overnight, complex weeks, however, difficult but ten-day” requirements, improve the efficiency of problem solving, completed to achieve “zero distance”.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.