No wonder the men’s football team was silent!The women’s soccer team used their bodies to block the ball against Japan, while the men’s soccer team also avoided the ball against Vietnam

2022-07-14 0 By

China’s Women’s football team came from behind to draw twice in 120 minutes and saved two penalty kicks in the penalty shootout to beat Japan 6-5 on aggregate and advance to the Asian Women’s Cup final for the first time in 14 years.This match brought tears to the fans’ eyes. Although The Chinese women’s football team is not valued, even though the Chinese women’s football team has been hovering in the trough over the years, and even this match we can only split the ball with the others under the overall risk control, but this did not stop the “Sonorous roses” from blooming in the rain!After watching the match, although the football professionals advised us to calm down and our overall strength was still far behind that of our opponents, the Chinese women’s football team also told the world that it is not impossible to fight against a weak team. As long as the tactics are well executed, the players have a strong will and some luck, it is possible to come back.Although The fame of Shui Qingxia was far less than that of jia Xiuquan, the former “Asian elder brother”, and her players only integrated some players who were not reused before, shui coach knew how to unite as one rather than “one heart to win the hearts of 23 people”, and her players’ fighting ability was greatly released.No one gave in when facing a Japanese team that was far stronger than us!Compared with the Chinese women’s football players who directly stood up and blocked the ball with their bodies in the match with The Japanese team, how could the captain Wu Xi of the Chinese men’s football team not be scolded for dodging the ball in the match with the Vietnamese team? From this comparison, we can see that the Fighting spirit of the Chinese women’s football team is much stronger than that of the men’s football team!Reporter Xiao rim revealed, “many members of the national football delegation back home have watched the live broadcast of China’s women’s football team knocking out Japan in the semi-finals of the Asian Women’s Cup, and must have mixed feelings…”It is no wonder that the Chinese men’s football team, who boasted about winning against Vietnam before, played dumb after watching the women’s football match, and no one responded. Many people lamented that Chen Xuyuan’s “Hu Xuan dance” was too early, and the Chinese men’s football team did not deserve such attention.However, some people lamented that the original men’s football team to win Vietnam still have 6 million prize, the women’s football team to win Japan is estimated not in the scope of consideration.As a result, some fans have no choice but to say: you laugh at men’s football, men’s football laugh at your mortgage!