Pingdingshan Wangzhuang Village reconstruction project partial optimization of A01 plot site detailed planning

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Pingdingshan Natural Resources and Planning Bureau in 2021 the 11th business review meeting principles through the renovation project of Pingdingshan Wangzhuang village local optimization of site detailed planning A01.1. It is located in the west of Guangming Road, Xinhua District, south of Miner Road, close to Pingdingshan Sports School in the north, and close to Chenzhuang Ditch in the west.Ii. Preliminary PlanningThe detailed original site planning of this plot was reviewed and approved by Pingdingshan Urban and Rural Planning Bureau at the third planning business Meeting in 2012 in April 2012. The plan is divided into A01, A02, A03, A04, A05 and the second-phase planning plot, among which A01 and A05 are the resettlement plot of the project, and A04 and second-phase planning plot are the transferred plot.Plot A02 is planned for 24 classes of primary school, plot A03 for 9 classes of kindergarten.Plot A01 is planned for 2 33-story high-rise residences with 2 floors of bottom business (partial one floor).On the basis of meeting the economic and technical indicators of the detailed controlling planning of the plot, the plane layout should be adjusted, fire climbing surface should be added, fire fighting facilities should be improved, and fire fighting, sunshine and house type of the project should be optimized.There are two 33-floor (2-floor) residential buildings planned in the site, and a 3-floor service house planned in the north of the site.The original planning scheme for the word building, the planning adjustment for the board floor, sunshine, lighting, more reasonable.After optimization, the number of households is reduced by 248, the parking space for motor vehicles is increased by 13, the building density is reduced by 20.65%, and the floor area ratio is reduced by 0.15.Additional supporting rooms (property, community, pension room, power distribution room).4. Material and color of the building facade: Sesame grey and sesame white true stone paint are used in the planning building.5.9m at the nearest boundary of east retreat land;The nearest boundary of the land for retreating to the south is 15.0 meters;The nearest boundary of the west retreat is 12.8 meters.The nearest boundary of underground building retreating northward is 12.7 meters;The nearest boundary of east retreat land is 6.5 meters;The nearest boundary of the retreat land is 17.4 meters;The boundary of the west retreat is 13.4 meters.Main technical and economic indicators