The town of Ohi responded positively to the snow and rain

2022-07-14 0 By

Recently, the town of Dajing continuous low temperature, freezing weather, rain and snow, in order to effectively protect the safety of the people, the town of Dajing actively respond to careful arrangements.Dajing Town pushed rain and snow weather information, road traffic conditions and measures to deal with freezing weather through new media channels such as wechat group, short message, loudspeaker and LED display screen to improve people’s awareness of disaster prevention and reduction, and guide all villages to do a good job in preventing cold and freezing.Dajing Police Station and traffic police squadron strengthened inspection and control on icy and snowy roads, and released road condition information in a timely manner.Agricultural science and Technology station to guide and coordinate vegetables, livestock, poultry and other agricultural production preparations, try to reduce the loss of low temperature weather.Civil affairs departments actively carry out warm winter, Spring Festival to send blessings, to ensure that vulnerable groups have a happy year.Dajing Town: Xiong Yunchun Editor: Luo Lihong