After leaving tongxi team, Liaoning nationality general turned to Guo Shiqiang, why didn’t he go to Liaoning team?

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It is reported, in recent days, there are many who have tried in the CBA this window to return to the present, if the team is not in the middle of February to them, that they will wait for next season, so the players are on the head to return, including liaoning membership star liu airlines at the beginning of his skill is very high, and just after the bayi team is dissolved,Although he signed a contract with Nanjing Tongxi Later, his presence on the court was very low because of his low status. However, he also chose to leave Tongxi and turned to Guo Shiqiang recently. What kind of performance he would have in Guangzhou is very exciting.In fact, the reason Liu left Nanjing tongxi was because of salary negotiations and neither side would budge, but for Liu, time is money, and if he drags on any longer, he might lose his chance to return to the CBA.As we mentioned above, Liu Hangchu’s strength is beyond doubt. As a forward of the national level, although he did not feel good in the recent stage, this is understandable, after all, no one can guarantee that he can feel excellent at any time.After weighing the pros and cons, there are many teams willing to sign him, including The North Control men’s basketball team, Shenzhen team and so on.But Liu hangchu finally chose guangzhou for two reasons. First, he is from Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Joining Guangzhou is like fighting for his hometown.And to join the Guangzhou team, it can be quickly integrated into it.At this point, someone must ask why he didn’t go to Liaoning team?In fact, it has a lot to do with the current lineup of liao Basket, liao basket is currently a strong lineup, and each position is the existence of the top, almost do not need any reinforcement, if he joined, it is completely uncomfortable.And the second reason is undoubtedly because of the existence of Guo Shiqiang, after all, the old uncle’s teaching ability, in the league, it is also one of the existence, only in guo Shiqiang such a wise man, he is likely to give full play to their greatest potential, and for his career planning, is also very helpful.Liu airlines at the beginning of the player, the power must be some, just need a good coach, as well as the team system, and to excavate the huge potential of his and Guo Shiqiang coaching team in guangzhou, he is undoubtedly the best choice, also hope that he can be in the next journey, can have a good play, bring we serve a great game!