Escalate punishment!Escalation!Fans angry zhejiang Guangsha, penalties or more than Han Dejun

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Escalate punishment!Escalation!Dear readers, how can you read such sports information every day?Click the attention button in the upper right corner, your attention will be the biggest motivation for my creation!Beijing time on January 30, 2022, the second phase of the regular season CBA has ended, but at the time of the battle of MSC, but conflict broke out again, that is the conflict between zhejiang metal and BeiKong basketball event, the game, we all know that the players are quarrel and physical conflict happens, actually before BeiKong men’s basketball team had a conflict with the Shanghai men’s basketball team,And was also punished by the CBA league, coach Li Chunjiang and Marbury have been punished.Now Liao Sanning of The North Control men’s basketball team was elbowed by Xu Zhonghao, which directly led to two facial fractures. Compared to Han Dejun’s nasal bone fracture, liao Sanning is obviously more serious, and Liao Sanning did not know his facial fracture, but also played 2 minutes of the game, Marbury is also highly praised Liao Sanning after the game.Marbury said, child, I want to fight with you, and Sun Minghui has released a controversial comments after the game, Sun Minghui under the basket and liao ning had a fight, and three liao ning is the ball hit the Sun Minghui, this also leads to the contradiction between two upgrade, Sun Minghui said after the game, three liao ning thought it was a good talent, not a ball to hit people,I was surprised that the rookie didn’t respect the old guard.However, now Sun minghui made a mountain out of a molehill. Liao Sanning suffered two fractures, but still did not forget to go back and publish his article, which again caused conflicts and aggravated the escalation of the situation. Now it is said that the CBA league has considered the appeal of Beikong men’s basketball team, and may punish Sun Minghui and Xu Zhonghao heavily.Just because the second stage has just ended, it is a window period, the announcement of penalty results may be delayed, but from the current point of view, Sun Minghui is just banned for one game, while Xu Zhonghao’s punishment, may not be worse than Han Dejun, at least five games ban, so how do you view this problem?I hope you can click the follow button in the upper right corner and leave a comment in the comments section!Follow the author to receive the latest sports news every day.