Harry Potter: The Internet wants to restart the male version, but it’s for this little thing!

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It has been nearly half a year since Harry Potter launched its costume, and I believe there are many friends who have some regrets or impulses, such as not selling limited clothes directly and wasting resources casually.If you had the chance to do it all over again, what would you do differently?To tell you the truth, I chose the Lion House at the beginning because I particularly liked the protagonists of Harry Potter. After entering the game, the sorting hat at the beginning gave me the Snake House, but I still resolutely chose the Lion House, and then there were the following scenes.NO matter what activities every day, the snake courtyard of the secret Room server basically does not thunder hit NO.1, in fact, the game is nothing, how strong people in the house ah.But always snake courtyard first place, there are always some players heart imbalance.So given the chance again, would you listen to the Sorting Hat, or would you follow your first choice?There are tons of cool clothes in the fashion game, but most of them are time-limited.Players need to purchase or complete the campaign to acquire skins within a specified time, or they will be out of print.This can make a lot of temporarily look up to, the player that regrets day after day is extremely vexed.Male dragon this set of turntable fashion was too many people follow the wind said not good, blindly follow the player is hindsight began to regret, and even become a “life” pain, want to restart the selection of male dragon.So we must be formal in the follow-up activities, or it will be difficult to regret when we miss it.However, this kind of fashion will have the opportunity to return, return rate will not be too big.After all, it is still a new tour, but also rely on new good-looking clothes and gameplay to catch players, to sum up, do not hesitate to rush when you like!Use of common currency The Harry Potter Stones are the common currency here, and access to them is just as good as it gets.Early resources are the most, we can basically only see the immediate interests, every day to spend more than 500 gems to buy special card packages, gems for book vouchers…Clothes and wands have a big role to play in warming up those who are waking up to Harry Potter.After all, wands wear attributes that make you better in duels, so the best use of gems is to stock up on swivels and get yourself better equipment.Otherwise be like this net friend same dozen also dozen however others, also do not have others good-looking, these two zha always account for same.Feel players regret or have a lot of, but said so much but also fantasy.As long as you have fun playing the game, it’s not too late to formalize your ideas from now on. Keep playing