Intelligent monitoring of geological disaster safety

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Background Geological disasters in China are complex and diverse, and they happen frequently, which is one of the most serious in the world.In order to enhance the awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation of the whole society, reduce casualties, protect people’s property from loss, maintain social stability and normal production and life order, improve the quality of people’s life, geological disaster early warning and forecast has become a top priority.Scope of service Security intelligent monitoring sensor + acquisition and transmission module + intelligent monitoring cloud platform + professional construction and installation + after-sales service monitoring main content 1.Landslide;2. Debris flow;3. Collapse;4. Land subsidence;5. Ground fissures;6. Surface collapse.Bring geological disaster monitoring diagram intelligent monitoring of geological disasters in serial number 1 landslide displacement monitoring content monitoring equipment and subsidence monitoring surface displacement meter/GNSS satellite positioning 2 deep horizontal displacement monitoring slope slide wheel inclinometer 3 surface crack monitoring and 4 wire displacement water level monitoring water level gauge 5 precipitation monitoring acoustic monitoring infrasound rain gauge 6 times to sound meter 7 landslides/mud flow monitoringMeter/ultrasonic flowmeter 8 vibration monitoring sensors 9 10 site temperature and humidity monitoring temperature and humidity meter audible and visual alarm sound and light alarm and video surveillance cameras in general disaster intelligent serial number content monitoring equipment 1 ground surface displacement and subsidence monitoring universality GNSS monitoring station 2 general rainfall stations rainfall monitoring soil moisture content monitoring general moisture content monitoring station4 Surface crack monitoring universal crack monitoring station 5 Horizontal displacement monitoring universal Dip Angle monitoring station 6 Landslide monitoring universal acceleration monitoring station mainly according to 1. “Code for Monitoring collapse, landslide and debris flow” (DZ/T0221-2006);2. Code for Investigation of Landslide Prevention and Control Engineering (GBT32864-2016);3. Technical Specification for Design and Construction of Landslide Prevention Engineering (DZ/T0219-2006);4. Code for Design of Debris Flow Disaster Prevention Engineering (DZ/T0239-2004).1. Intelligent evaluation: humanized interactive interface, simple and easy to understand the monitoring results, to achieve the overall safety score of each monitoring item and project;2. Information sharing: it can be accessed through computer web page or wechat mini program;3. Automatic calculation: The platform can automatically calculate the collected original data and automatically generate the result table and graph;4. Report management: daily, weekly, monthly, summary report and other online management, query, output, download, print functions;5. Early warning management: if the data exceeds the early warning value, it will give an immediate alarm and inform relevant personnel in various ways.▲ Intelligent monitoring of geological disasters in Baota Landslide group in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area