Lane gang there is a wonderful building, building materials ordinary, strange and good-looking to attract people to watch

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To post there is a wonderful work of architectural, construction materials are common, good-looking people watching strange shape with the increasing of economy in China, various infrastructure has been gradually perfect today, and the rapid development of China’s economy is constantly, but to the people work pressure are also gradually increase, 996 has today’s work is the norm, go to bed late at night even if early to bed,The work pressure is increasing, in order to relieve the work pressure, people think of many ways to relieve the work pressure.One of the most economical and worry saving way, then non travel, in leisure holidays to famous tourist attractions to feel the magnificent rivers and mountains of nature, express the feelings of boredom in the heart.If visitors to let small make up to you you recommend a place for travel, so I believe that is a good choice in guangxi, guangxi is located in the subtropical region, moderate all the year round, the four seasons of spring, all kinds of rare animals and plants are everywhere here, the environment here is good, the air is fresh, natural scenery, is China’s rare to find a good place for tourism.In the city of Guangxi, there is a very unique tourist attraction, which attracts people’s attention. With its unconventional shape, it has successfully become popular on the Internet and become a local net red scenic spot, attracting many tourists to come here for sightseeing.This scenic spot is Guangxi Nonggang Nature Reserve, the nature reserve is a large nature reserve in China, the idea is to advocate the original ecology, pollution-free nature reserve, all the buildings built in this scenic spot are built with local wood, so as to achieve a real green pollution-free.In this scenic spot, there is a very famous building called the Bird’s Nest. All the building materials of the bird’s nest are made of a local plant called eucalyptus. The whole bird’s nest is huge, with a height of more than ten meters.Went up to a see visitors was spectacular, but this is a very great work of art, originally the entire nest don’t use any other material except for eucalyptus, one is the master craftsman is slowly build up, since building a total after several years of time, the bird’s nest is still very strong, without any damage, said here.Can not praise the skill of the craftsmen who built this nest.If the tourists come to Guangxi for sightseeing, then like the bird’s Nest building, do not miss, I believe it will let you harvest full.