Players single efficiency rankings, 09 dominate the list, they two unexpected in the list

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In basketball games, apart from the team attack, the most attractive thing is the single game of the players, which not only reflects the individual strength of the players, but also the ability of the star to solve the single challenge at the last moment is regarded as an important reflection of the star’s success.But in recent days, there are American media published this season’s player singles efficiency ranking, the result is unexpected.The 2009 class dominated the rankings, with four of the top five spots, all of them defenders.Topping the efficiency list is Demar derozan of the Bulls.Derozan’s move from the Spurs to the Bulls this season has not only helped his team to the best record in the Eastern Conference, but he’s also rejuvenated, averaging 28.1 points, 5.2 rebounds and 5.1 assists on 51.7 percent shooting.A defensive nightmare, derozan is averaging 1.13 points per game in 241 games, 57.65 points above his average and the only player in his 20s.The second-most efficient player in singles, somewhat surprising given his offensive struggles this season, is James Harden of the 76ers.As the NBA’s leading singles player for the past six seasons, Harden has certainly been one of the league’s leading singles players, with an insane number of singles performances, averaging the most points per game in 18-19 and the second most in 19-20.This season, despite being criticized for his offensive performance, he led the league in singles with 336 hits, 7.6 per game and 1.06 points per game. With plenty of hits, he’s 54.75 points above average.And the third place is only 30.62 points above the average, it shows harden also has quite good strength.The third most efficient player is none other than harden’s former teammate, a top small forward who can ignore defense with his size and arms, and the only non-guard and class of ’09 player in the top five: Durant.Durant likes unlimited singles because of his ability to make no difference and shoot with ease. Durant has 29.3 points, 7.4 rebounds and 5.8 assists on 52 percent shooting this season. Embiid, the leading scorer, is averaging 29.6 points per game.Durant has scored 1.07 points per 175 solo drives in 36 games this season, slightly more than his former teammate James Harden.The player ranked fourth in singles efficiency was even more of a surprise, and one that made more fans unhappy with a coach who they thought stifling his offense: The Warriors’ Stephen Curry.Despite having his worst shooting season and being chased by teams, curry, last season’s leading scorer, is still capable of going one-on-one.Arsenal this season so far is a singles only 96 times, but every time can get 1.2 points, he scored with high quality singles with few shots with 29.22 points higher than the average performance, it is no wonder that many warriors fans from coach cole give the ball to himself in the Treasury, the singles efficiency is amazing.Rounding out the top five was the relatively unknown Holiday.The guard, also from the class of 2009, has been giannis antetokounmpo’s right arm since arriving in Milwaukee, where he has a higher percentage of singles success than antetokounmpo, despite being a breakout player.Holiday has scored 1.1 points in 128 singles this season, 24.92 points higher than his average.The unheralded Holiday is also a lone player, and he is an alternative to the Bucks’ rush in the clutch.After the platinum generation of 2003, the class of 2009 obviously became the one with the highest rate of completion. Many of them have become the mainstay of each team and become the first-class or above stars, which is a proof in the singles efficiency list of this time.The two biggest surprises on this list are Harden and Curry. Derozan is a killer, and maybe the Warriors should consider giving Curry more individual offense.