87 minute winner, 3-2!Japan messi erupt, strip off crazy celebration, 15 games 2 goals complete victory over Wu Lei

2022-07-16 0 By

Mallorca ended a nine-game winless run against Athletic Bilbao with a stunning 3-2 win from Japan’s Hideki Kuboshi in a La Liga match that ended early today.Recently, vallecano and Espanyol, two promoted teams lost to Athletic Bilbao in a row, so it will be interesting to see whether mallorca, also promoted, can get three points against athletic Bilbao.Mallorca went down 1-0 at home in the 21st minute of the first half thanks to a salva goal from athletic Bilbao’s fullback.Angel Rodriguez doubled mallorca’s lead 2-0 with a sweep in the 29th minute.Athletic Bilbao came roaring back after the second half.The 59th minute, Belchiche left cross, Raul – Garcia push the hand, help the team 1-2 pull back a goal.In the 61st minute, the Mallorca defence was broken down again and Berenguer scored to give Athletic Bilbao a 2-2 draw.Leading 2-0 and then drawing 2-2, Mallorca’s lead was gone and they didn’t want to be turned back.In the 87th minute, Mallorca tactical corner kick, Japan Messi Kuhealth ying put the ball into the penalty area, a scum after Kuhealth ying in front of the goal, the referee indicated that the goal is valid, mallorca finally rely on Kuhealth Ying’s goal, 3-2 to complete the final.After the goal, Kuboying was very excited, directly strip to celebrate the goal, the on-site fans are also in a carnival.The Japan international has scored two goals in 15 Appearances in La Liga this season, one of which was a late winner at Atletico.Compared to Wu Lei, who was relegated to the fringes of espanyol and failed to score in 13 Appearances in La Liga, He won the match.Hideki Hisubo has been firmly in the starting line-up, starting 11 of 15 games and scoring two goals this season, both of them late winners.