The person in charge of Anlu Municipal government took the lead in performing the duty of attending court

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Recently, anlu public hearing of the people’s court of the plaintiff Zhu Mou a v. anlu town police station, public security bureau shadbush administrative punishment and administrative FuYiAn anlu people’s government, this is the first this year anlu on the administrative lawsuit, the people’s government as the defendant to appear in court litigation, head of anlu government deputy mayor wen-tao tian as a city, take the lead “to appear in court,” aloud,It not only fulfilled its obligation to appear in court in accordance with the law, but also set an example for the heads of other administrative organs to appear in court to answer lawsuits.The administrative punishment and administrative reversion, tian Wentao, the deputy mayor of our city, attended the court to answer the lawsuit, and entrusted lawyers and municipal justice bureau civil lawyer as an agent to attend the court session.After three hours of investigation, evidence presentation, cross-examination and other links, the two parties debated the facts of the case, the application of law and other issues.At the final stage of the trial, Vice Mayor Tian Wentao made comments on issues related to the case. He pointed out that, first of all, all sectors of society and the general public are welcome to supervise administrative law enforcement.All parties have used legal procedures and channels to assert their views and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, demonstrating progress in the rule of law and the general public’s increased awareness of the law.Secondly, through the court investigation and court debate just now, Anlu City public Security Bureau Tangdi police station on the case punishment facts clear, sufficient evidence, qualitative accuracy, appropriate punishment.The reconsideration organ performed its duties in accordance with the law, examined the whole case, listened to the opinions of all parties carefully, and made a reconsideration decision prudently, which was not improper. We urge the people’s court to uphold the punishment decision and the reconsideration decision in accordance with the law.Again, the municipal government will provide the trial activities as an opportunity to summarize seriously, we will further improve the administrative law enforcement behavior, the better to perform the statutory duties and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, safeguard social stability, and also hope that all citizens can calm, exercise restraint in dealing with contradictions and disputes, not create conflict, not to treat illegal illegal ways and means, in accordance with the law to solve disputes,We will safeguard our legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law and promote social harmony, tranquility and stability.The municipal government leader to appear in court litigation, reflected the administrative organs of the people demands and the respect of the people’s courts shall exercise the judicial power, show the sincerity of dispute resolution, have played an important role in the propaganda to the crowds, beneficial to the improvement of the consciousness of the masses of the rule of law, regulating the administrative behavior, also helps the city to improve the level of administration according to law,It is of great significance to strengthen the construction of government by law.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: